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Country Skills

Eds Red Gun Cleaner
Knife Sharpening
Making Walking Sticks
Best Lasagna Tip
Keep Cats Away From Front Door....
Ant Sting Aid
Cure For Heartburn
Take A Burn Out W/ Aluminum Foil
Best Gargle For Sore Throat
Get A Lot Of Vitamin C From Pine Tree
How to cut Up a Whole Chicken
Canning Jar Lids
Bee Sting Care
Cure Hiccups
How To Cure Hiccups
Bee Sting Ease
Diamond Ring Cleaner
Remove Oily Stains On Clothing
Take The Fire Out Of A Minor Burn
To Stop Bee Sting Instantly
Polish Amber
When To Plant Tomato Seeds
Get Rid Of Moles
Human Mouse Trap
How To Keep Flies Off Fresh Killed Deer In Woods
Vapo-Rub Congestion Cure
Clean Jewelry/Rings
How I Cured My Husbands Acid Reflux & 30 Year Stomach Troubles
Pois Ivy, Diaper Rash, Psoriasis, Shingles,Ulcers
Poison Ivy Cure
Another Brain Freeze Relief Tip
Growing Miniature Store Bought Roses
Clean A Car Windscreen Of Any Film
Keep Termites From Eating Fence Posts
Toilet / Plumbing Main Line Clog / Blockage
Grease On Clothes
Heart Burn Releif Remedy
Pig Walk
How To Lay Out A Square Building Foundation
Plant, Bug Spray
Goat Escape Preventive Collar
How To Really Treat Burns
Bed Alarm
Make Your House Smell Great
Inst Bee Sting Relief
Quick Remedy For Hiccups
Insect Bite Relief
Clean Your Rings At Home
Instant And Easy Hiccup Cure
Cure Brain Freeze From Ice Cream, Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Etc.
Never Use Cough Syrup Again My Testimony; Cured
Fry Bacon Without Spatters
Kill Poison Ivy, Wild Grape Etc.
Stop The Stinging Of A Bee Sting
Getting Blood Out Of Fabric
How Not To Split A Board While Driving A Nail.
Ammonia Gives Instant Itch Relief From Insect Bites.
Boric Acid For Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Beatles...
Wood Cutting For Posts And Rails
Safe Pest Repellent
Remedy For Bee/Wasp Stings
Underground Cable Marker
How To Measure A Horse
Train Your Free Roaming Horse
Bee Sting Remedy
Nail Into Hardwood Board
Prevent Stys
Releif From A Burn
Dry Skin (Hands)
How To Control Nose Bleeds
Recycled Homemade Fire Starter
How To Remove Pine Sap Easy And Quick
Baking Soda Its A Good Thing
Dock Puppy Tails
Remove Sap From Hands
Garden Slugs
At Home Training And Correction For Pets
Keep Cats Out Of Cabinets And Cupboards
Getting Rid Of Mice
Hypnotize A Chicken
Understand Logging For The Future
How To Remove Pitch / Pine Sap
Storing And Using Tomatoes
How To Be Ready For Anything.
Removing Blood Stains
Restring Kids Shorts,Etc.
Sore Throat
Mustard For Burns
How To Make Your Own Hand Cream
How Not To Have A Ice Cream Headache
Keeping Goats/Cows From Girdling A Tree
How To Remove Pine Sap
Poison Ivy Treatment
Stain Removal While Traveling
Poison Ivy
De-Skunk Wash That Really Works
De Skunk
How To And What Is Low Impact Logging
Cleaning Cast Iron
How To Build A Low Impact Logging Arch
The Only Way To Clean Cast Iron Cookware
How To Really Clean Cast Iron Pans.
Homemade Skunk Odor Removal Remedy.
Bee Sting Remedy
Jalapeno Lotion For Aching Joints
Super Easy Way To Make Goatmilk Soap
Understand Low Impact Logging
Smoothe As Glass Finish For Stains
Stopping Bad Bleeding
Poison Ivy
How to Get Rid of a Stye
Remedy for Hart to Catch Horse or Mule
Get the Burs & Knots out of Horse-Mule-Cow Tail
Get Rid of Moles
Keep Padlocks From Freezing in the Winter
Remove Grease From Clothes
Remove Greasy Stains from Clothing
De-skunk Your Dog
How to Store Small Seeds in Nylon Stockings
Heartburn Gone...Ill be...
De-Skunk Dog
De-Skunk a dog
Duck weed
Curtain Rod Solution
Keep Locks from Freezing
BTUs Sizing a heater
Stains for below laundry soap
Launtry Soap
Cure for acid or hart-burn
Remove Pine Tree Sap From Your Hands
Sure-fire dry skin remedy
Home made charcoal lighter
Write your memoirs; part three
Write your memoirs; part Two
Write your memoirs; part one
Garden & house pests
Build a Logging Arch
Raising Waterfowl
Correction on Misc. Measurements
stain fighter
De-skunk a dog
Long lasting and FUN shooting targets
how to make a stanchion
De-skunk a Dog
Complete Practical Library from 1881
My tumbling compost container.
How to clean and soften paint brushes
Hand Lotion
Laundry Soap
Home Made Cheese
Homemade Soap
Less Greasy Bacon
E-Z Bacon Cookin
Foolproof 90 degree Crosscuts with Circular Saw
Tips for Growing Strawberries
Polishing with Toothpaste
Unwanted Vistors
Stuck Oil Filter Tip
How to Remove Pitch aka Pine Tar/Sap
How to Remove Iodine Stains
Removing Grease Stains (Before Laundry Day)
Removing Dirt Stains etc. (Septic Safe)
Remove Rusty Nail Stains From Buildings etc.
Sewing Tip or Where to Store Old Tractor Mags
Use Identical Measuring Tapes
De-skunk a Dog
Measuring Along a Country Road
Loose Handles
Make your Roses Bloom Better
Best Skunk Remedy
Separate Cream From Milk
Another Cheap Shop/Barn Floor
Stick Trick to Unhook Fish
Hammer a Brad Nail Without Smashing Your Finger Part 2
Make a Transport Box
Grow Great Tomatoes or Peppers
Affordable & Easy Shop Floor
Plans For An Outdoor Wild Turkey Feeder
Fixing Tubeless Tires That Seep
How to Fix a Runaway Alladin Lamp
Stay Safe Working With Electricity
Alladin Lamp 101
Grow Potatoes In a Wire Cage
Making a Chick Brooder from a Kiddie Pool
How to Weigh a Pig Without a Scale
Keeping Kids Busy - Stencils
Make Liquid Soap from Bar Soap Scraps
How To Build a Fire in the Snow
Pasteurizing Milk
Make an Emergency Wrench
How to Get a Skunk Smell Off Your Dog
Help With Cutting a Tree Limb
An Easy Way to Toenail a Board
How to Nail a Board Without Splitting It
How to Sharpen an Axe or Hatchet
How to Protect Your Septic System Drain Field
Safe Tractor Operation
How to Make a Small Watergarden
Pruning Fruit Trees
How to Choose a Christmas Tree
How to Extend the Garden Growing Season
Eating Your Own Vegetables Year-Round
How to Harvest and Store Herbs
How to Weigh Items with your Front-end Loader
What Do Those Three Numbers on a Bag of Fertilizer Mean?
Make a Homemade Firestarter
Keep those buckets
Hammer a Brad Nail Without Smashing Your Finger
Fried about green tomatoes?
Emergency Cotter Key
How Much Hay to Stock for Winter
Keep Your Horse, Sheep, etc from Bolting Grain
Shakin Butter
How to Separate Cream from Milk
Making a Homemade Chicken Waterer
Supplying Calcium for your Chickens
Cleaning Pots & Pans While Camping
How to Find Out Which Spark Plug Isnt Firing
Softening Hardened Paint Brushes
Making a Fish Line Weight
Emergency Shoe-Lace Repair
Emergency Wood Stove Repair
Driving a Nail Over Your Head
Driving a Nail into Plaster Without Cracking
Making Concrete in Freezing Weather
Maintaining Rubber Tires on Farm Tractors & Implements
Making Butter
Making Sour Cream
Storing Tomatoes
Pruning Blackberries
Pruning Red Raspberries
Making a Compost Pile
Caring for Baby Chicks
How to put on an Axe Handle
Troubleshooting your small gas engine
How to make Well Cistern on/off low/high level sensors in an Emergency
How to fix a garden hose
How to evenly sharpen a mower blade
How to use a small drill bit to drill a large hole
How to Milk a Cow By Hand
How to Measure the Height of a Tree or Tall Building
Miscellaneous Measurement Information
Amount of Paint Required for a Given Surface
Planting Distance for Fruit Trees and Berries
Measuring Lumber
Common Measures

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