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Country Skills

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How to cut Up a Whole Chicken

1. Buy a free-range, organic chicken from your natural foods supermarket or at your farmer's market. Remove outer wrapping and any parts stored in the cavity. Put the chicken on a cutting board. Be sure your knife is sharp (a boning knife works best). Wash your hands with soap and hot water.

2. To remove the legs - The chicken is breast side up. Cut the skin between the leg and the thigh. Pull the leg away from the body till the hip socket pops. You can hear it. Cut it there.

3. Separate the thigh from the leg; You can pop that joint too if you can locate it, by bending the leg back.

4. Take off the wings. It's probably better if the chicken is on its back. Cut the wing at the crease. Include a small chunk of the breast if you want to make equal portions.

5. Take the back away from the breast; Cut away along the line of fat on both sides. Rip the back off. (make stock?)

6. Cut the breast in half. Cavity side up, cut through the middle soft bone length wise. Easier with a heavy knife. Then cut each half in half, width wise.

Morgan, WA, entered 2010-10-30

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