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Toilet / Plumbing Main Line Clog / Blockage

Everything stopped draining; kitchen sink, toilet, shower. Had to be the main line which all of those drain into. House is only 15 years old, surrounded by new fill and no nearby trees etc. so the short stretch of line from cellar to septic tank could not have been infiltrated by roots. Bought some of that bacteria / enzyme stuff and poured part down toilet and part down tub drain. Let it sit overnight to sink down to the clog. Next day, toilet flushed okay once, then everything blocked again. Asked advice at hardware store, Home Depot etc and was told that I would have to remove the cleanout plugs along the main line (which is PVC hung from the ceiling in the cellar) -- let the wastewater drain into a barrel -- then ream with a long pole. Filthy, horrible, time consuming job, they all said. Then by sheer chance I saw a tip listed in just one of the many online sites I visited in search of help; if I had not seen that particular site, I would have missed the tip. So I tried this final ploy; I plugged the tub drain, filled tub with water, then pulled the plug. Nothing. Heavy disappointment. Checked an hour later and water was GONE. The enzyme stuff had weakened the clog and the pressure of the 300 lbs or so of water had broken the clog and flushed it away. Toilet flushed better than it has in years. Everything works great. This is a phenomenal tip! Good idea to use that bacteria / enzyme stuff a couple times a year before things get this bad. Believe me, from now on I will not ignore this. Hope this helps others. KV

Karl V., ME, entered 2007-06-07

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