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Country Skills

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Clean Your Rings At Home

After making bread, my beautiful rings became caked with flour and oils that clouded the sparkle of my stones. I took the rings in to several jewelers to have them cleaned professionally by their top-gun ultrasound machines; well, when I got them back, they were only a little bit cleaner than before I took them in. Here is how I clean my own rings at home to a sparkling shine; Heat a mug of water up in the microwave to about tea sipping temperature. Take it out and set it on the counter, and put your rings in their to soak about fifteen minutes or so. Next, pour an inch or so of windex into another cup. Take the rings out of the warm water and put them into the cup of windex. Let them soak another ten minutes or so. Remove your rings and inspect around the prongs and under the stones for gunk. They should be all clean, if they are, dry with a paper towel and put your rings back on. If they're not quite perfect, rub hard stones only with a soft toothbrush. Your rings should shine brilliantly now and the shine should last, at least until baking day comes around again.

Mary Mailler, CA, entered 2006-08-04

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