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Boric Acid For Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Beatles...

Fact; Boric Acid, a dry powder, can be injected into cracks and crevices, where it forms a fine layer of dust. When insects travel through the dust it adheres to their legs. When the insects groom themselves they ingest the poison which causes death three to ten days later of starvation and dehydration. As long as the boric acid is not allowed to get wet it continues to kill the hatching insects, which insecticide sprays miss.

Application; As you know, roaches like to hide in wall spaces and come out after dark. I loosen baseboards in suspect areas with a flat tip screwdriver (Be careful not to damage sheet rock) Slip the long side of a sheet of paper in the crack between wall and base board (near fridge, stove and all sinks). Using a spoon put some on the paper. Shake the paper a bit and the Boric Acid sifts down behind the baseboard where it lies in waits for it's customers. Roach problem gone!

For fleas in carpet just sprinkle it around the area and sweep it in. let it set for a day or so before vacuuming. Fleas gone!

Toxicity; While high exposure to boric acid has been linked to adverse health effects, experts agree that careful application offers a safe and effective alternative without the indoor air problems associated with sprays. Boron is a naturally-occurring element in the earthís crust and background levels even circulate in the human bloodstream. Boric acidís exposure risks are minimal because of its method of application.

Ecological Effects; Boric acid is practically nontoxic to birds, fish, aquatic invertebrates, and relatively nontoxic to beneficial insects.

Effectiveness; An EPA assessment of a boric acid found it was both more economical and more effective than a monthly spray treatment.

Note; This product is one of the safest and most efective I've seen. It is approved for use in many hospitals and around pets. If you applied it right your problem will magicly go away.

Where to buy; I've found it in grocery stores and drug stores. You will pay more in a specialty store.

Elton, OK, entered 2006-04-17

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