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Kountry Life Humor List

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Senior Moment
Apple Pie Story
Trying to Grow Chickens
Amazing Talking Cow
Funny Signs
When Does A Deere Run Best?
Good For Nothing
Thumb Tacks?
Tornado Door
30 Good Lines
Married 50 Years
A Very Repentant Four Year Old
My Son Learns About The President
Frozen Donkey
An Anxious Farmer Goes Bear Hunting
How Cold Is It At Your Place?
School Windows
Dogs And Money
Cute Bumper Sticker
Resons Not To Assualt A Ranch Woman
She Was Slow
Little Boy With Cussing Problem.
Baptists And Methodists.
Little Suzie And Her Teacher.
The Devil
You Might Be A Minnesotan If
It Was Cold
Cat Runs On Gasoline
A Scared Man
Mad Boy Pitching Hay
Bear And The Atheist
Unique Rabbit
Drivers Licence
Dog Breeds
I Am Not A Bridge
But Your Honor
The Farmer Brothers
I Always Wanted To
The Blond And The Brunette
Norwegian At The Auction ...
The Pregnant Old Lady
A Troubled Marriage
Quoting George Burns
Pregnant Blonde
Signs Make A Difference
Time Off
The Farmers Wife
Italian Country Boys At It Again
Stolen Credit Card
Choosing A Vacation
True Story
Savin On Lectricity
The Proposal
You Might Be A Redneck If...
You Might Be A Redneck If.....
Hillbilly Mirror
Mamas Bible
What A Funny Bird The Frog Are
Whats A Derriere
To Know If You Are A Redneck......
Redneck Joke
You Might Be A Redneck If ;
Funky News Headlines
Down-On-Marriage Quotes
In Heaven Its All Free
Southern And Northern Zoos
Newspaper Ads
Anger Management
Wife VS. Husband
See This Hand?
Freeway To Heaven.
The Coon Monkey.
Outstanding In His Field
How Cold Does It Get In Wyoming?
You Think It Is Hot Today ?
Skunk Under The House
Hobos Big Scare
Old People
Two Cows
Barren Ground
Those Italian Country Boys
Thibodeux- Boudreaux
John And The Melon Thief
Roast Beef
Goat Humor
Who won?
Which of the U.S. states is mentioned in the Bible?
Changing Lite Bulbs
Kids say the darndest things
Differences corrected to make sense
City Slicker Goes to Country
Eskimo Fishing
Smoke Signals By Mistake
De-Ranged Cowboy
Lawyers priorities
roof egg
Tight Old Man
Crossing the Road
you suck
mr gates & mr field
Tax man
word defination
another statement of fact
its so cold
A Sportsmen Preacher
Drunk Farmer
how cold is it
Old people
go get your momma
Statement of fact
3 blind mice
Dry or what ???????????????
Chicken and Possum crossing the road
goat bell
Easy Money
randolf the brown nosed raindeer
The Skeliton
Stock Market
Its so hot
Spaghetti Farms??
Future In the Court
Croak Like A Frog
Bar Service
Hearing Aid Batterry Gone Flat
Long Fall
An Australian In Ireland.
The difference
Calf in the Night
Petrol for the Cow?
Tall Tale
Flower of the Family
He really has?
Poisonous snake
Jack & jill
Pickup truck

The duel
Smart Dog
Dog food
Just Wondering
Bills Billboard
The chiuaua and the great dane
Wild horse ride
Hot day
The ball game
Old Blue ate my litty bitty phone
Keep on farming
Another Irish Joke
Tom Foolery
Funny Bird
You Can Lead A...
What Happened to that Cow?
How to Chase off Suitors
Hearing Loss
Potato Planting
Funny Signs
Things Kids Say
Dumb Jokes
Loose Chickens
The Cow Salesman
Boll Weevils
My First Two Tractor Jokes
What did the plow say to the tractor?
Texas Wife's Accident
Shortage of Meat
Why did the rooster cross?
Snake & Barn Rats Tale
You are Not Old...
Country Preacher
Little Kid Jokes
Two Clean Jokes
St. Paddies Day is Coming
Maint. Strategies
The Farmer's Dog
Country School
The Leghorn Rooster
Plucking a Chicken
Western or English?
History Lesson From the 1500s
Duck Hunters
Tool Guide
Why did the chicken cross the road??
Farmer Jim
The Door-to-Door Salesman
Mischievous Boys
Jim-Bob and the Sheriff
Cure for a Mean Rooster
The Yellow Pig
Cogburn the Rooster
A Bicycle or a Cow...
Water in the Carburetor?
A Tale of Two Cows
The Woman and the Frog
You Must Own an Antique Tractor If...
The Australian and the Texan
Top Theories
The Difference Between Dogs and Cats
Its So Hot in Texas That...
Its So Dry in Texas That...
How Many Country Singers Does It Take....
Ethel the Cow
The Mud Hole
The 35,000 Cadillac
My Favorite Mule, Bessie
The Missing Bull
The Apple Tree
The Salesman and the Farmer
The Ingenious Child
Safe Bull?
Cow in Labor
The Goat and the Railroad Tie
Buddy the Horse
Cow Branding
Bringing The Bull Home
Technology for Country People
The City Man and the Chickens
John Deere Tractors
The Farmer
People Are Like Potatoes!
You Might Be a Redneck Gardener If

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