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Kountry Life Humor

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An Anxious Farmer Goes Bear Hunting
Two old Farmers went out bear hunting arriving at camp late the first night.When they arose the next morning it was raining cats and dogs.One farmer; not wanting any discomfort. said he was staying right in the bunk (the other ole farmer was more anxious and had been looking forward to this break from the farm for weeks and declared no matter what he was going hunting!)

Striking out not far from camp he meets Mr Bear, pulls up his gun,it jams. Instantly, the ole farmers turns on his heel and strikes off full speed for the camp, trips at the door, striking the latch,falling on his face.Mr Bear hot on his heels and in full overdrive goes over the top and into the camp. The quick thinking farmer; quickly jumps to his feet,grabs the camp door slams it shut; all the while hollaring out to the other farmer in his bunk...............

' you skin that one and I'll go get another one'

Submitted By: Ron Corkum from CA on 2008-09-28

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