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Kountry Life Humor

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We were dressed and ready to go out for the New > Years Eve Party. We turned on a night light, turned > the answering machine on, covered our pet parakeet > and put the cat in the backyard. > > We phoned the local cab company and requested a taxi > The taxi arrived and we opened the front door to > leave the house. The cat we put out in the yard, > scoots back into the house. We didn't want the cat > shut in the house because she always tries to eat > the bird. > > My wife goes out to the taxi, while I went inside to > get the cat. The cat runs upstairs, with me in hot > pursuit. Waiting in the cab, my wife doesn't want > the driver to know that the house will be empty for > the night. So, she explains to the taxi driver that > I will be out soon, 'He's just going upstairs to say > Goodbye to my mother.' > > A few minutes later, I get into the cab. 'Sorry I > took so long,' I said, as we drove away. 'That > stupid was hiding under the bed. I had to poke > her with a coat hanger to get her to come out! She > tried to take off, so I grabbed her by the neck. > Then, I had to wrap her in a blanket to keep her > from scratching me. But it worked! I hauled her fat > ass downstairs and threw her out in to the back > yard!' > > The cab driver hit a parked car.

Submitted By: Shirley A Billingsley from TX on 2008-03-29

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