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Kountry Life Humor

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Little Boy With Cussing Problem.
A lady had a 6 year old son who had developed a bad cussing habit. He couldn't say anything without using foul language. The lady had tried everything to make him stop but nothing had worked. In desperation she went to see a high priced psychiatrist. He told her that she had apparently failed to impress upon her son just how offensive his cussing was. The psychiatrist said that the next time her son uttered a cuss word she should grab a belt and whip the tar out of him, I mean really lay into him until she was out of breath. The next morning as her son was coming down the stairs, she asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He said 'I reckon I'll have some damn cheerios'. That was it. His Mother grabbed a belt and lit into him. I mean whipped him until she was out of breath. When she finally stopped, she stood above him and again asked him what he wanted for breakfast. With tear filled eyes he said 'Well, I sure as hell don't want none of them damn cheerios'.

Submitted By: Walter Buller from LA on 2008-03-25

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