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Kountry Life Humor

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Baptists And Methodists.
One Sunday morning when 6 year old Johnny was walking home from the baptist church that was just down the dirt road from his house, he gets to the fork in the road and sees a cute little girl about his age coming from the opposite fork where the methodist church is. He decides to wait for her so they can walk together and he can make a new friend. They get along well enough until they come to a low place in the road where there is always standing water for several hours after a hard rain. There had been a real gully washer that morning while they were in church so there is now twenty feet of water in front of them almost two feet deep. Johnny says his mom will tan his hide if he gets his new sunday go to meetin shoes and suit full of muddy water. And the little girl says her mom will kill her if she gets her new sunday go to meetin dress full of muddy water. She asks Johnny 'What are we going to do?' Well, there's nothin that an ol country boy can't figure out. Johnny says 'Lets take all our clothes off, hold them above our heads, wade across this low spot here, let the wind and the sun dry us off when we get to the other side, then put our clothes back on and go on home. The little girl agreed that this was a great idea. So they took all their clothes off, waded across, and stood there on the other side waiting to dry off. Suddenly little Johnny said 'You know what, I had no idea that there was such a big difference between baptists and methodists.'

Submitted By: Walter Buller from LA on 2008-02-26

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