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Kountry Life Humor

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Apple Pie Story
I started to make it on Sunday afternoon, thinking I had enough time for the pie and supper. Somehow I just forgot the time while playing with the pie. It took me over one hour just to cut out all of the details with a knife, but I was very happy doing it - until I remembered the supper. The pie was just about done and ready to go in the oven. It looked beautiful. I was so proud of myself, thinking about how much God must love me to give me such talent. It is the most beautiful pie I had ever made, I was sure about that. Because it was so beautiful and in case it wouldnít come out so good, I took a picture.

After I put the pie in the oven, I started supper - meat, salad, mashed potatoes - all at once. I knew that I must not forget my pie, and I didnít. But it took such a long time that I finally lost my patience and made a really big mistake; I put the temperature on broil!

I continued to prepare the supper, when I realized clouds of smoke coming from the oven. Immediately, I took the pie out, but it was already too late; half of the pie was burned. It was an ugly black color, instead of a nice golden-yellow. Two, almost three hours of work were gone in less then one minute.

So I tried to scratch off the burned places, hoping it would look somewhat acceptable. But now the crumbs were all over the pie, making the pie look worse. I took the baster and tried to blow all the crumbs away. It worked, but then I saw it; it was a truly terrible, horrid-looking pie, pure horror; It wasnít shiny anymore, it wasnít a pie at all. It was just an ugly round thing. After supper I calmed down and decided to make another pie. Pie number 1 is dead, so what? Itís not the end of the world. I am happy to say that I learned my lessons and took my time with second pie. This time it came out just perfect; don't you agree?

Submitted By: Ankica Zander from MI on 2012-01-12

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