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Kountry Life Humor

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Norwegian At The Auction ...
So it seems Ole was bored one Saturday afternoon and decided to visit the auction at a farm not far away.

Since his truck was not working, Ole decides to walk to the auction.

When Ole arrives, he notices the most beautiful antique grandfather clock he's ever seen. So he outbids everyone else and gets himself the clock.

Now when the auction was over, it was time for Ole to claim his prize and get on home, but alas ... no truck to haul it home in.

Thinking a moment, he finally realizes he has no other choice but to hoist the clock onto his back and carry it home.

'Bout halfway home, a drunk driving a big, shiny van hits Ole and knocks the antique clock off his back; The face is broken, the springs are hanging out all over, etc.

Getting up, Ole asks, 'Hey ... just vut da ya tink you're doin' der, hittin' me like dat?'

The drunk thought about it and replied, 'Hey you stupid S.O.B., why dontcha learn to wear a watch like everyone else?!'

Submitted By: Kelly from MN on 2007-02-06

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