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Kountry Life Memories

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Cowboy Movies I Shouldnt Have Seen
Everything I shouldn't know I learned in movies. My left arm was barely healed from my breaking it while trying to jump from the hay loft and grab a rope, sliding to the ground like a movie hero I saw, when I saw another great western movie with lots of indians in it. In the movie, the most awesome thing was when the indians shot flaming arrows into the fort. That made me remember, I had an old bow in my closet. A few target arrows too. So, one fine day, I hauled out my bow, my two arrows and headed for our junk yard behind the barn lot. My plan was simple. Tie something around the arrows, dip the ends in oil or gas, light one and let fly. What could go wrong? In the junk I found an old rubber inner tube. Cutting a strip off it, I wound the strip around the arrow shaft's front end and loosely tied it. Then I dipped the arrows end in a small can of gas I brought along and lit it. I let the rubber burn until it was getting runny and smoking nicely, nocked my arrow, drew back and let fly. The arrow arched nicely out into our front pasture, splashing down in the creek. The runny, burning rubber however, slid back off the arrow shaft when the arrow was suddenly released, falling off and sticking to my left arm. Ike saw me run screaming around the barn arm afire, to the water tank and dive in. I was sitting in the water, sobbing like a baby when Ike got there. My arm was red, blistering and black where the rubber was stuck to it. Ike took me right in to see the doc without telling anyone. After the doc salved up my burns and wrapped my arm, he ordered Ike to bring me back the next day for another look. Then he asked can't someone keep this kid away from cowboy movies? Adding heaven help us all if he ever gets a gun and horse. Ike bought me a ice cream soda then took me home to face the music. Gramps wondered if those movies showed any scalping and if it was safe to let me around knives and pointy things. Dad just asked how much longer was I gonna think I was Red Ryder or someone. My arm healed but has a big scar tissue area. Great days, those.

Submitted By: Hoppy from IA on 2009-11-03

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