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Kountry Life Memories

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One July 4TH.
July 4th was pretty much like any other summer day on our farm. Lots of chores and field work. We didn't do anything in the way of celebrating. But, when I was eleven dad said if big brother Ike would take us kids, we could go into town and watch the parade. Ike was quick to agree, so Angel, Daryl and I boarded Ike's old Dodge pickup and off we went. Ike parked almost in front of a place called 'happy Times'. He gave me a wad of bills and instructed us after the parade to wander around the town square park. There was food for sale and stuff going on. He would be right here in 'happy Times' when we were ready to go home. We waited by the truck until the parade went by. The parade was fun to see. A group of men in uniforms carrying rifles headed the parade, with a soldier carrying a pole with the flag waving in the breeze. Then came a few tractors pulling hay wagons with boy scouts, girl scouts, a church float promoting peace, some antique cars, fire truck, a police car, some nice horses with riders or pulling carriages and kids on bicycles decorated with paper streamers and flags. Daryl had to pee so we went over to Happy Times so he could use the restroom. Ike was busy with a gal named Ruthy and hardly noticed us. Then we wandered over to the park. I payed for three bottles of Coke, fished out of a big tub of water with chunks of ice floating in it. Angel and Daryl wanted a hot dog so we each got one to our liking. Mine was heaped with sauerkraut. There was a band in the bandstand playing patriotic music, loud and bad, games and craft stuff. As we wandered about we stopped to talk to people we knew. Every so often a firecracker would go off. Daryl was getting a big kick out of the goings on. His eyes were big as half dollars. Two big kids walked by. Actually they were more like young adults. I paid them no mind but Angel was watching them. One of them tossed something over his shoulder and a second later 'BANG'. Instantly Daryl let out a scream and started bawling his eyes out. He held up his left hand. I saw a nasty looking gash with a shiny sliver sticking out, blood running down his arm. We hustled over to the Happy Times fast as we could, Daryl wailing like a siren. Ruthy Immediately took over, ushering Daryl into the restroom to clean and bandage his wound. Luckily, this bar had a pretty complete first aid kit. When they came out, Daryl was much more calm and was enjoying the attention Ruthy was showering him with. Ruthy gave Ike a rather large piece of glass. It had gone in a good ways. Ruthy told Ike Daryl should get a shot. We boarded Ike's pickup and drove slowly around town to see if Angel could spot the two punks. No luck, so we went home. For some time after that, whenever Ike had to go to town on an errand, Daryl would beg to go along and visit Ruthy. I think the little snot had his first crush. And that was our July 4th in 1951.

Submitted By: Hoppy from IA on 2009-10-30

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