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Kountry Life Memories

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Christmas of 1945 was one I'll never forget. I was 5 years old then but I have no memory of my dad or my uncles before the summer of 1945. My memory didn't kick in until I was about 4, it seems. That summer dad, a stranger to me, came to live with us and a whole lot of strange men were coming by to visit. Dad left to fight in WW2 sometime after the Pearl Harbor attack. So did dad's three brothers and two brother-in-laws. Dad and one brother were in the army air corps as the air force was called then. They were both stationed at a base in Mendlesham England. A B-17 bomber base. Dad's other two brothers were navy, seeing action in the Pacific. A brother-in-law was also navy and the other was infantry. He saw much action. D day, battle of the bulge to name a few. And he helped liberate the death camps. He never quite got over that. Anyway, the day before Christmas we were all getting the old farmhouse ready for dad's first Christmas at home since the war ended. Something was needed from town. Gramps still drove then, so he volunteered to drive in and get whatever item was needed. Preparations continued and gramps was forgotten until supper time. It was dark by then, and cold with a lot of snow on the ground from a previous snowfall. Just as the adults were getting up a good worry, our old wooden cased hand crank wall phone rang our ring. It was the sheriff. He had gramps, would someone come and get him. So, dad and big brother Ike took the car and went in after gramps. It seems that gramps stopped to celebrate our first post war Christmas, had a few too many, stopped at a house that he thought looked like ours, staggered into their kitchen, sat at their table and passed out. Sheriff Hagen was an old family friend. Since no damage was done, the sheriff was able to talk the offended family out of any charges. Christmas day was one of food, drink, laughter and gifts. I got aquainted with all my 'new' uncles, their wives or girlfriends, and they gave me lots of neat stuff. Things like sailor hats, pins, a pair of military handcuffs, aircraft ID books, a canvas cartridge belt, canteen and more. I was sure I died and went to heaven. A lot of Christmas's have passed since those days.

Submitted By: Hop from IA on 2008-12-17

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