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Kountry Life Memories

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Missing The Simply Times...
(glad I found this website!)

I'm only 23 yrs old, but now that I am in my own apartment, in the city, I realize how much I miss the simply times in the country. (I'm actually moving to Alaska next month, so hopefully I'm get my country back)

I grew up in a small town, nothing there, have to go the next town over to get anything. Country girl, climbin' trees, working in the yard with my grandpa (Pa - for short) and just living with what the good Lord gave us.

I remember when I was 4 yrs old and I got in trouble for playing on the tractor, I knew that when I got caught it was going to be major switches for me. But like all little children the fascination was just to much. I wanted to drive that tractor, just like my Pa did every day. So I was sitting there with my 'barely knee-high' self looking so small compared to that big tractor seat. I was dreamin' away as I drove that tractor around trees, mowing that acreage and yellin' at the dog to stay on the porch. What the next thing I know, I'm brought out of my dream but that horrible sound that I'm sure every little child knows 'Lindsey Faye D*** (oh no not the full name!) what do you think you are doing?!'

I looked back behind me to the sound of Pa walking up to that tractor and saying my full name, and I just knew it was coming. My grandma (Gammie) had told me many of times to stay off that tractor and I just knew I was in for it.

Well I was thinking I was a goner, tried to get off that tractor so fast I tripped and it weren't for my Pa catching me I probably would've broke my noise on that ground. Picking me up my Pa comforts me as I'm crying at this point, from fear, and ask me why I'm crying. I precede to tell him I know I am going to get switched and I'm sorry and I just want to drive the tractor so bad and I just knew some how it was worth it, but I understand that he would have to switch me.

Next thing I know I'm sitting in my Pa's lap and we are riding the tractor around, teaching me everything-the pedals, the wheel, the shift. 'Just don't tell your grandma.' 'Thanks Pa!'

Living and growing up with my grandparents was the best thing ever. My grandpa died when I was 13, I wish he was still here, but I am thankful for the time we had together.

Just grateful for what the good Lord gave us.

-Lindsey Faye

Submitted By: Lindsey Faye from LA on 2008-11-16

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