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Kountry Life Memories

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I am so glad I happened across this website. I have been missing the days of my childhood and my Grandma and Grandpa Weaver (both deceased).

Although I'm only twenty eight years old, I am happy to say I had enjoyed the 'simple life' as a child. I lived next door to my Grandpa and Grandma Weaver as a child. I miss the Sunday dinners with all the family, baking with Grandma, raising chickens and turkeys with Grandpa (and those ice cream cone runs to the store). I miss Grandpa making sure everything was just right for showing my lamb at the fair, I miss helping Grandma with the 4-H food stand and helping me to decorate my first cake.

I just miss the days of family being together. I am trying to live my life more simply now that I have children (4 1/2 yrs. and 1 yr.).

I hope to raise my daughters simply. We don't need the latest clothing, tv, or lots of toys. I am glad to say that my oldest (4 1/2 yrs) knows what it is to run through the tall grasses in the summer until its dark and you are filthy, catch fireflies, bake with Mom, help Dad with yard work, raise chickens, make a snowman, play with rocks, rest on a bale of straw with your kitties. These are the memories you will cherish (you most likely won't remember every toy you received at Christmas or every tv show that you've watched).

I am so glad that my grandparents left such a mark on me. I hope I do the same for my children and grandchildren. Great Website!!

Submitted By: Courtney from MI on 2008-10-14

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