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Kountry Life Memories

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The Feather Piller
I guess I was about 8 when my ole Granny flossie toled me about making a feather piller. We had just returned from a trip to the other side of the county where some kin folks lived ,where we had been pickin plums for jelly. I knew I had slept real good for the 3 nights we were gone. But I figured it was because we picked from dawn til dusk. Grannie told me if I would catch those 2 geese we had on the yard she would pluck em and make me a feather pillow. If I had known what was about to take place i'd of just stuck to the pillow I had. After I finally cornered 1 goose, she was there ready to help so I jumped on the goose and the trouble began. First off those wings hurt, but not anything like they can bite. I was gettin beat and bitten by that goose while she was trying to put a stockin over its head , but remember I said there was 2 geese . And out of nowhere comes that other goose. I guess it thought I was trying to kill the 1 I had caught cause it came on a mission. By the time I finally got away... Well lets just say I guess those 2 geese thought more of their feathers than we did my skin cause they gaithered the most.

Submitted By: Gilley Poston from TX on 2008-02-21

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