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Kountry Life Memories

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Mid-Night Cannonball
My husband and I purchased our old homestead 15 years ago; 31 acres with an ancient delapitated farm house. For lack of another dwelling on the land, we made due in the old house until we could afford a new house. The old house was drafty with a few gaps and holes between floors, and before we did any remodeling, we used what is now the laundry room as a temporary bedroom.My husband Bob had removed the crumbling chimney leaving a hole in the roof. One night, after we'd gone to bed, and just dropped off to sleep, I heard a slight rustling overhead followed immediatly by,'UUUMPHH!' comming from my husband. He sat up in the darkness and said, 'What was THAT???' Actually what it was, was our fat black cat, Panther, wanting to get into the house, and looking for a soft landing pad from the rafters above our bed, had chosen Bob's stomach. He got up grumbling, and tossed Panther out the kitchen door into the darkness and stumbled back to bed. We drifted off to sleep once more, just starting to breath deeply again when, 'OOOMPH!!!' Panther landed on my husband a second time. 'Darn cat!!!' he yelled, and grabbed him up and once more cast him into the outer darkness. He lay down, mumbling somthing about putting that darn cat on a diet... Off to sleep once more, not too long, just a little while... and 'UUUNMPH!!' and 'That does it!!' Out with the cat one more time, and hubby put on his pants and boots and grabbed his hat. 'Where are you going?' I asked. 'If I'm gonna get (any) sleep, I gotta close up that hole in the roof from the chimney!' and off he went to get ladder, hammer and nails. After some pounding, and scuffeling around up there, he finally came back to bed and slept the rest of the night, safe from the black furry cannonball.

Submitted By: Coralie from WA on 2007-07-14

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