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Kountry Life Memories

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Popping Popcorn In The Fireplace
When i was small i stayed with my grandfather on his farm in Morgan City, Ala. As best as I can remember it was about 1950 and we didn't have electricity in his house. The only thing electric powered we had was an old battery powered radio. It had an antennae and a ground stake to ground it. We had to draw water from the well and cooked on an old wood stove that had a reservior to hold water that the fire from the stove would heat. I got to do all the trivial jobs such as drawing water, hauling wood and shelling corn by hand. The thing I liked best was shelling popcorn. Every year we planted 3 or 4 rows of popcorn for our own use. We stored it separate from the feed corn so we could get to it pretty regular. We had what we called a popper and it had a long handle. It had a screen wire top that slid into the top of a square metal pan. This screen wire top kept the corn in the pan fwhen it started popping. We used hog lard in the pan to keep the corn from sticking. You held the pan over the fire in the fireplace until it finished popping. We then poured the popped corn into a paper sack and added some salt and shook the sack real good and everyone started eating while we sat around the fire and talked or played rook or dominos.

Submitted By: Nolan Myrick from TN on 2005-12-25

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