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Kountry Life Memories

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The Button Box
When I was a little girl, I spent many happy evenings playing with Grandma’s button box.

The whole family would gather around a blazing fire in the living room right after supper, and we’d listen to our favorite radio shows. I loved 'Captain Midnight,' 'The Green Hornet,' and 'Inner Sanctum,' but often those were off limits to me, as they were considered too exciting for a little girl just before bedtime.

I never had to fight siblings about what to hear, because there were none.

In those years leading up to World War II, I lived with my parents in an apartment just off my paternal grandparents’ home, and at that time I was very much an only child, as my brother was not to be born until I was fifteen.

As the only child in the house I had to make my own fun, and part of that was spending those winter evenings sprawled on the living-room rug in front of the fireplace, making up tales from my imagination suggested to me by the shapes and colors of the buttons which Grandma kept in a special tin in the cupboard which held dominoes, Monopoly, and Chinese checkers, among other games.

Oblivious of the adults, I would let my imagination run wild as I set tables at banquets for kings and queens with grape-shaped buttons on flat button plates, accompanied by slender cylindrical buttons which I used as water glasses.

So engrossed was I, that I often missed an entire episode of 'One Man’s Family.' I pity the children of today, who must have the latest from Mattel or Hasbro, and whose imaginations I fear have atrophied with the advent of television and Barbie Dolls.

Submitted By: Mary Lynn Archibald from CA on 2006-04-09

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