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Kountry Life Memories

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My Country Boyhood
When I was growing up in rural North Carolina, a little town called Robbinsville in the Great Smokey Mountains, life was perfect then. I was a happy-go-lucky boy who didn't know how good he had it. I lived on a small street of houses, the back yards of which butted up against a large (I thought)cow pasture. Mom always warned us about getting over the fence into the field because of an old bull over there that will chase you and run you down. Well, of course, we had to try to get into that field without Mom knowing about it and we did every chance we got. At one end of the field was a creek and just before you got to the creek, there was a couple of really big maple trees. So one day when we were over the fence, I suspect Mom knew that we often got over into the field, we were exploring the field and wondered where that big ole' bull was anyway. Walking toward the creek, which we did quite often, we heard a noise behind us and as we looked a snort and seemed like red eyes rushing toward us. Well we took off running through that field, the likes of which we rarely did, and made it to one of those big trees. It didn't take my sister and me long to get up into one of those trees. We were safe.... but now what? We were stuck up that tree with a bull looking up at us and us looking down at him, it was not until after dark when he gave up on us and we were able to get down and ran all the way home as fast as we could! Once we got home, the only thing Mom said was, 'told you so'. Now when I visit 'home' at least two things that I held dear are gone, Mom and that field. They unfortunately turned the field into a trailer park and it isn't as big as I remember it to be. Only remnants of those trees can be found, but my memories are alive and well. I miss my boyhood, my Mom, and that big field with that big ole' bull. Now I live just outside a city in West Virginia and often long for those days and the joys we once had. Next time I venture home, I will take my two boys and relive some of those memories with them. It will be fun!

Submitted By: Tom Kuhn from WV on 2005-12-30

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