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Kountry Life Memories

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What I Want For Christmas
Well.... I'd personally like all the rest of my Christmases just like this one has been. And yes, I feel like Christmas has already come and gone, because I've been given so many 'gifts' that I'm not sure I could receive any more without bursting.

As some of you already know..... I was adopted... I won't go into the details.... but let's just say it wasn't done correctly and it was illegal. K? Well... I found my birthmother this year... we spoke for the first time on October 5, 2005... 4 days before my 38th birthday. She’s lived in Buffalo, New York, all her life…… all my life. But since October, I've come to know a whole family who was actually WAITING for me to 'come back' to them. Their words, exactly. Everyone I met, every single Aunt or Uncle that I never knew I had welcomed me with the phrase, 'Welcome Home... we've been waiting 38 years for you to come home to us.' Many tears flowed, and I don't think we're through yet.

You see... my family, the one I was actually raised with... well, every year, every holiday, every birthday, every anniversary, or special occasion.... or any occasion for getting together... was always disrupted. Someone in that family always felt the need to either A) drink too much and start a fight or B) just start a fight for no reason. So every single get-together with 'family' turned into some sort of wrestle-mania free-for-all. Even my grandmother's funeral two years ago was no exception. Yes, before her casket was lowered into the ground, they were beating each other over the heads with walking canes and sticks. Literally. Thankfully, I had already left the graveyard. And I will suffice it to say that I hated being a part of any organization that conducted themselves in such a manner. Still hate it..... and although I love these people, I know it's hard to believe.... I don't want to be there, at all.

But this year was different.

I met a wonderful woman, who through circumstances beyond her control, did the absolute best thing she thought she could have for me at the time. She tells me of how hard it was to walk away with only ONE glance through the window at a tiny baby (me)... never being allowed to hold me, not even once, and forced to leave me there.

I met three sisters and a brother (I have another brother, but he was not there.) I met three other wonderful women, two of them her sisters, one a cousin, and an Uncle (the other Uncle lives in Alaska and couldn’t be there). I fell immediately and deeply in love with all of them. My aunts and uncle all related the same story of how heartbreaking it was for the entire family to lose a part of themselves (me)... and how hard it has been to wait in silence until the day I returned to them.

Two weeks ago, I met all these fantastic people who all congregated together in the same house, all ate together, all loved one another, all fellowshipped together, all hugged, kissed, and glowed with the excitement and anticipation of welcoming home a family member... plus extras. I brought MY family with me, and we have NEVER experienced anything like it.

There was no fighting, no cussing, no breaking body parts or furniture or dishes...... no rudeness or evil looks, and no one got hit over the head with anything other than a stray tear.

I tell you, I hope ALL my Christmases to come are as wonderful as this one was/is. And yes, I hope I get to spend more and more and more time with my new family, because so far, the more I know them, the more I love them.

My wish for everyone else is that you all have a wonderful Christmas with all your loved ones, and that there is joy and peace in the household where you gather. And please remember the reason for this season of Love, and be thankful.

Kim Thompson (gg)

Submitted By: Gg from LA on 2005-12-16

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