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Kountry Life Memories

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Overcome With Memories
It was yesterday, and the memories came back, not that they had ever been gone very far. My brother passed away last year and for the past 25 years he had lived on the family farm. My father purchased the 40 acres in 1952, and me being 7 yrs old at the time is was a whole new adventure.

My father worked at a job away from the farm, so my mother and us kids ran the farm. Dad was there, when he was off shift, and there was plenty of work that had to be done. when I was about 10 I guess, i made a vow that when I grew up, no more farming for me. I believe that my parents had kids just so they would not have to hire help. And me being the youngest, I spent 11 yrs working the farm. I have to admit, dad taught me many valuable lessons, one way or the other. Work had to be done, and his favorite saying 'If you haven't time to do it right, do you have time to do it over'. That has stuck with me for all these years. After a tour in the service, I went on to my own life and guess what? You got it, I was a farmer, for 30 years I have been a custom farmer, never owned the land, just equipment, and I made a good living at it because of what my dad taught me and his motto. anyway, yesterday as I was taking pictures and catalogueing the estate of my brother's, I found myself recalling all the good things i learned while I was growing up and I would find my self imagining the way things were in the 1950's and how they really have not changed that much in 2005. Oh,I guess there have been a lot of advancements in the world, but as a farmer, the only thing that remain the same, is you get the ground ready, plant it, and watch as the miracle of nature happen the same way it did 50 yrs ago. I suppose this has been the way things were done in the agriculture community since the dawn of time. I guess what I am saying is, Thanks Dad and Mom. I love you, no matter how hard I worked when i was a kid, you made life a new adventure every day.They both have been gone for 3 yrs, she at 81, and he at 90, I still hear them saying, ''If you don't have time to do i right, Do you have time to do it over''

Submitted By: Voluntr7 from CO on 2005-03-09

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