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Life ain't all-ways easy.......
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 02-28-2004 at 16:01:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
.....but I am trying hard at making an upright attempt at it.
Has anybody got a cure for housemaid's knee?
Been trying to back on Herr Clink's good side. Scrubbed her kit-floor today. Nothin special. Doit a couple times a yr whether it needs it or not. It needed it.
Managed todo an upright job of doing what chore the 4h'ers don't do at this end.
It was just as I suspected, in my clean duds, it was a cattle stampeed all them ladies just-a wanting to get close to me. It might have helped if'en i had fed'em earlier.

Want to pass along a special thanks to all thos good folks passing along suggestions in interest to my welfare.
Les suggested I cut back.
~Lenore had let toolman suggest I borrow her ski mask. I really hadn't thought I was that udly; but, then Clink hasn't realized I helped her loose her speck's.
Linda thought a wide brimed UT hat would be of some helpful value to noseing into things. Why I have thought I had to go through Idaho to get it is well behind my short-term memory.
bob-ny maybe covering my behind to catch'em again whoever might have tripped me. Well, at least he's suggested i keep an eye out for whoever might be the culperit,
deadcarp idea for the wheelborrow not bad. like to carry that idea a bit further including a built in kneeling board. Then if I should have another slip. while I'm comfortably down there in an Anglican Cathlic keelning possition, I could give thanks for not haven gone all the way.
Willy suggested a joke device to transport 2buckets leaving my hands free.
Combine the wheelborrow & the yoke I'm wonering if we all have got a patentable idea for neaely hands free chore doin'?

However, I harbor just one little complaint. I'm wishing this small circle of newly found friends would keep the lavender and little flower garments off this board. I might add I don't wear themshorts everyday, no matter how cute Clink thinks they look.
If I've overlooked anyone in my ramblings, it could be entirely do to a possitve sinility outlook. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.
God Bless us everyone!

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