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Sure have my hands full, Strangles in the barn!
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cowgirlj    Posted 03-07-2004 at 10:25:49       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Have any of you horse lovers ever had to deal with strangles? We have an outbreak in our barn right now. A borded horse brought it on the property. My 3 y/o colt now has it, our older pony is getting it, and so far, my big mare Dusty isn't showing any signs of it. I am fortunate enough to be working in an Equine Vet's office, so I have medical help when and if needed, but the daily care of these sick horses is a nasty business. It's very contagious, so I must be extra careful to change clothes,shoes and scrub before I go in to work so I don't carry the bacteria with me to the Equine hospital. It is stressing me out to no end to see my horses sick like this. The bursting abcesses under thier jaws must be so painful for them, not to mention gross!
Guess I just need a little sympathy/encouragement right now.

DD    Posted 03-07-2004 at 10:32:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
I don't know diddley squat about horses so I'll chip in on the Sympathy Dept. It's so hard to see our animals when they're hurt. Hope they all get better soon : )

Donna from Mo    Posted 03-07-2004 at 10:30:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Blue has been vaccinated, but I read that the vaccine isn't a 100% preventative. Sorta like our flu shot works, effective 80% of the time. Were your horses vaccinated?

cowgirlj    Posted 03-07-2004 at 11:06:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Not for strangles. It isn't recommended to vaccinate for strangles unless there is an outbreak in your area. (I feel like a Lepper) And you can't vaccinate for it once your horses have been exposed, as mine have, or it will develope into a deadly strain. I can only hope that Dusty has been vaccinated at some time in her life for it and she won't get it.

teresa    Posted 03-07-2004 at 13:30:29       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Good job you are not over here people would avoid you like the plague. I am so sorry this has happened to you I cant imagine the worry you are going through and of course ill horses arnt cheap. I really wish you the very best and I hope they all get better quickly

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