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Country Discussion Topics
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Salt pork
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john c    Posted 01-25-2002 at 18:01:31       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I am looking for recipe to make salt pork

chief613    Posted 01-27-2002 at 10:15:16       [Reply]  [Send Email]
aint sure what u call salt pork. What i call salt pork is the part of the belly that doesnt have enough meat to make bacon. Off the hog its any where from a good inch to several inches thick a foot or so wide and 16"-24" long, this all varying on the pig size and whos butcherin. I take this slab and cut it into approximatley even piecies about 3"x4" i guess this is preferance.
Then i take a 5 gal bucket, i used drywall compound buckets that i clean really well, or u can use a crock. I put a layer of rock salt about an inch deep in the bottom. The rock salt i get is called Solar Salt, i think its Mortons Salt, its for water purification procces. After the initial layer of salt i pack a the pieces of pork in on edge fairly tight together, starting from the outside of the bucket workin around toward the center, Then i dump more salt in and work it into any voids between the hunks of pork and about another inch layer of salt and reapeat till your about 6" from the top. I make the top layer of salt thicker than the rest. on the last layer of salt i put a heavy plate and a weight to hold down the pork. After all that i fill the bucket to the top with clean cold water, put the lid on and store in a dark cool space. i would waite a month or so before use to get the full effects.I keep mine in an outside shed, the freezing temps don seem to bother it at all, with all that salt i never had to chisle a piece of pork out either

PCC-AL    Posted 01-26-2002 at 08:51:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi john,
I was about 10 when we stopped raising hogs and smoking the meat. Here's how we did it. My memory may fade a little on the length of time it took.
We cut the hams and shoulders, made cracklings and ground everything else to make link sausage.
The hams and sholders were put in the salt log and covered with salt. I think we left them in about 5 days or so. Then they were hung in the smoke house with the sausage and hickory smoked with a small fire using green hickory. I seem to remember that we smoked them a week or more. Not sure on the time. I've forgotten how we made the cracklings, but kept them in crock jars with lids in the smokehouse. Hot crackling bread with homemade butter and a glass of buttermilk is just plain wonderful. I still have all the tools we used, the sausage stuffer, smokehouse and everything. Brings back a lot of memories. Good luck.

IHank    Posted 01-25-2002 at 19:39:08       [Reply]  [Send Email]
John- Try this URL. We were into the old ways of meat preservation here about a year ago. Remember to cook properly before eating it. Good luck and please post back about your project, IHank

bob    Posted 01-26-2002 at 10:29:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
we bought a salt at local store i think curing salt iwould take a piece of side pork out in morning and rub it down and put back in frig and let set for 2 days i think I liked it better than cured bacon Morton was brand of salt

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