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Country Discussion Topics
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I had to go back Doc...
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Cindi    Posted 03-12-2004 at 06:12:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
six pages to find my last post and four pages to find the lovely hamp pig that you posted. That's a nice looking pig, I wouldn't mind havin' that one!

There's just no way I could catch up, I been a busy busy girl. Feverishly entering short story contests and trying to keep my head above water with house work. Hope every body has been doing well.

dave 50 8n....    Posted 03-12-2004 at 12:21:27       [Reply]  [No Email]

Good luck on the contest have my permission to borrow, steal, and otherwise take any or all of the words below for a story starter idea. Free. Good luck! :-)

Jack Granite crawled to the tent opening and opened the flap to his musty canvas tent that was plumped down on the African Savanah, only to watch a psychotic mosquito flitter around in erratic circles, like watching spit go down a Standard commode, when it finally landed on his forehead.

Jack pensively pulled out from his khaki waistband, his trusty 45 (degree T-Square) and began chopping at his forehead like one of those Japanese restauraunts where you all sit around watching a chef with food splotched all over the front chopping the food like a guy in Africa chopping a mosquito with a 45 degree T-square.

Jack mashed the remains of the mosquito carcass across his forehead as a badge of courage and bristled through the knee high natural (replanted) grasses toward a large tree or bush or something, to view waaay off in the distance a big mountain with snow on top. "Yes." Jack thought. "That was one big mountain. It makes me think it's symbolic or something." He started to sweat and felt it roll down the back of his knee into his white, knee-high K-Mart, Joe Boxer, socks. As he stood there, standing looking at the big mountain with sticky socks and a smushed bug on his forehead, flashbacks of the 2nd grade came to mind of the time Timmy whatshisname hit him in the head slushball with a rock in it and they both had to go to the principals office, and Jack was the only one crying because he was traumatized by stupid Timmy's slushball. Jack thinks Timmy's in "The Pen" today because Timmy never was good at any schoolwork and took great pleasure in banging Jack upside the head with a slushball with a rock.

Suddenly repulsed by something deep down inside, Jack violently threw up carrots.

"It's going to be hot today," said Jack with sweaty conviction. "I never should've come back here. Mom was right."

Cindi    Posted 03-12-2004 at 12:59:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh....that made me throw up a little too.

LOL! I will take this helpful story beginning and see what I can do with it, and thank you SOOOO much for thinking of me. LMAO. Very colorful commentray there, Davie boy.

deadcarp    Posted 03-12-2004 at 10:25:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
cindi who? :)

Cindi    Posted 03-12-2004 at 10:35:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
(sticking out tongue at you)

Doc    Posted 03-12-2004 at 08:43:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
Your always talking about your pigs and I've seen a number of your pictures taken of them that just about everytime I see one now I think of you. lol

That was a nice one. Don't know what it sold for but I know it doesn't eat much and will stand still if you want to ride it or give it a bath.

Take care girl.

Cindi    Posted 03-12-2004 at 10:34:29       [Reply]  [No Email]

Here's a pic for ya....awww!

Les    Posted 03-12-2004 at 06:38:41       [Reply]  [No Email]
That housework can wait. I've never seen it go anywhere on its own. Just ask my daughter. ":^O

Patria    Posted 03-12-2004 at 06:32:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Just take care of yourself girla, you can do it.
Let us know how the contest went.
We miss you..

Cindi    Posted 03-12-2004 at 06:54:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Les, don't I know it! The funny thing about laundry, is it waits faithfully for me and I know I should be touched by such loyalty I guess, but I just can't bring myself to get emotional about it. (grin)

Thanks Patria! I miss you too, and I will let you know.

~Lenore    Posted 03-12-2004 at 07:29:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi there Cindi!!
Just be sure to drop by here when you have a chance to sit a while and rest.
You know this is the best place to unwind. ;-)

Cindi    Posted 03-12-2004 at 10:36:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
yes it tis, it tis indeed.
will do.

SusieQ    Posted 03-13-2004 at 01:54:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
Ah...............let the kids do the housework, and you can do the writing, good luck to you there.

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