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Country Discussion Topics
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As I posted before, I also moved to the country
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BOSS    Posted 01-28-2002 at 19:21:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
And now I am thinking about getting a goat for a pet? what would be the best kind ? Right now, I do have a Yellow Lab and a Komondor. They have a huge chain link dog run about 30'x40'. Would that be big enough for a goat to live in ? I am told Komondors are great with goats and sheep, so I don't think that will be a problem. Any advise on what kind of goat to get ?

Donna    Posted 01-28-2002 at 21:50:13       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Yes they do love to chew, they are like a puppy, and don't set any buckets down! they are so nosey they are in to everything, they have got to know what is in it and what you have, Even if it is a glass of tea, a cup of coffee, they want to know. But they are so loving, and so friendly, I will more than likely always have them around, they are
the love of my day.

LazyHorse    Posted 01-28-2002 at 21:11:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
Donna told you straight on goat breeds. I also like the pygmies because they are small, yet very agile. One thing you might consider is goats are notorious for getting out of fences, pens, etc. Unless your chainlink fence is buried in the ground, they will slip right under it. They can also be very destructive as they will chew on anything.

Donna    Posted 01-28-2002 at 20:39:57       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Has your Komondor been around livestock? I had a bad experence with the Komondor breed, Has your lab been around livestock? 30x40 will be enough for a while, A goat does not like to get wet! they are very clean, it is the buck {billy} that smells. And if you milk your doe you have got to keep him away from her, he is what ruins your milk, by rubbing on her, the order gets in the milk, yuck been there done that already!!

I have nubians and once in a great while they will tear an ear, very long ears, they have!

An Alpine has a roman nose and has some of the coloration of the toggenburg and markings, both are medium build, Nubian being one of the largest.

Lamanchas have the gopher ear or elf-ear {or knoted ear} {Ugly I think} and they can and do get ear infection due to pawing at the head and getting dirt in the ear canal.

The nubian is a very graceful dairy goat, of mixed Asian, African and European Orgin, It is the head that makes it a distinctive breed the facial profile between the eyes, and the muzzel, and very wide and pendulous ears, and has the most butter fat of all other breeds.

And then there is the Oberhasli {I hope one day to own some, they are a Swiss Dairy goat, medium size, The color is a blood bay with black stripes on the muzzle and forehead and ears are erect.

Saanen a swiss dairy goat, medium to large in size, a good milker, not as much butterfat as the nubian.

Toggenburg is also from the Swiss dairy line, medium size kind of a dish face like the saanen.

And then you have your meat goats, I had a herd of boar meat goats, bred them with the nubians, great cross, then I switch to Registered Nubians, I am looking for another good Boar Doe and I am going to bred boar nubian crosses again and keep my Registered Buck {Red Mans Bucky A full Smooth Operator Grand Champion} and my Registered does, listed above are some good breeds there are many, but if you are looking for easy, get an alpine or a toggenburg, and there are some good crosses, Most All goats are social animals and one will not be to happy, you would be better off getting twins. My nubians talk a lot, and other nubian owners say it is the breed, But I like to be talked to by my animals.
Good luck I hope I have been of help, I do love my goats, and my dogs.
Kidding season starts in just a few days, I can't wait, I love being in the barn to watch the kids try to figure things all out, and introducing them to my Great Pyrenees, and mama knowing he is there to protect them, and when one is left behind and figures out it is alone and lets out a cry Peaka Bo Dog takes off like a shot and brings back to the heard, God you gotta love it.

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