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Country Discussion Topics
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Jessie    Posted 03-15-2004 at 19:54:35       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We are told daily that these extremist groups of middle easterners hate us because we are a capitalist country and because of our beliefs, as we are the infidels. They site various passages in the Koran as their instruction and authorization to destroy the infidel, us, and everything and everyone associated with our way of life. It seems to me that the Koran was written with these instructions long before this country existed. So, who was the infidel before us and why do these people inflict suffering on their own especially the women? Do they run out of infidels from time to time and have to resort to naming some of their own as infidels to keep up for training purposes? How does a group of people retain glory from having a son or daughter strap on a bomb and blowing themselves to hell? Last but not least is there any question in anyones mind why our forefathers submitted the "right to keep and bear arms" and "a well maintained militia" amoung our basic rights?

Dieselrider    Posted 03-16-2004 at 04:27:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Daryl is right, It stems from envy but that is not uncommon. Look at the people in this country who think that the "rich" don't pay enough taxes when compared to the "poor". It is the same outlook just to a lesser degree. People are envious that someone else has more than they do. We just don't train our children in schools and churches to go out and kill everyone they envy like the Muslims do.

We as a country, have had problems with the Muslim world since we first became a nation and we probably always will. There is only one way to deal with that kind of hatred and that is with force. No matter what they claim in the public eye, there is no bloodier or more hateful group of people on the face of the earth than the extremists who practice Islam. JMHO.

Darryl - MO    Posted 03-15-2004 at 22:01:24       [Reply]  [No Email]

I think a great deal of the extremist's 'righteous' anger against the West and what it stands for comes from the fact that these people realize that their culture peaked in about the eleventh century and has been left in the dust as the rest of the world continued to progress. Their religion and social structure are too rigid and restrictive to allow them to enter the modern era. A society that represses over half of it's population (women) just doesn't seem likely to ever function in a meaningful and productive way in the modern world. In short, the root of a lot of their hatred is ENVY.

Texas Al    Posted 03-15-2004 at 21:05:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Its all about power. There are those who are weak and submissive to the power of the terrorist (Osama Bin Laden, etc etc etc). By perpetuating the myth that "killing the infidel" is the way to heaven, the terrorist keep the power and the money. Poor young weak minded fools blow themselves up in the name of Allah, while the terrorist leaders stay out of harms way and rake in the cash and the support from other would-be terrorists.

screaminghollow    Posted 03-15-2004 at 20:54:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
In the middle ages, thousands of young men were marched off to give their lives to free the holy land from the infidels.
These morons are indoctrinated to believe that women are property for the purpose of pleasing men and bearing children. (not far removed from Hiltler's kinder, kirche und kucken, or even the ole' barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen.) We and our western society are the greatest threat to their beliefs. Imagine thousands of men women and children who want to kill you simply because we let women drive, vote and go to school. If you think our TV is getting too sexually explicit, imagine their righteous indignation over a simple Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue. (Possession of which will get you publicly flogged.) A Barbie Doll can get you fined/imprisoned. By and large these folks are ignorant as hell. Imagine being so dirt poor and hopeless that killing yourself to get even with your imaginary oppressor seems like an good option. We have invented the tools they use, lap tops, cell phones, etc. They use our own freedoms to move among us and to exact their vengeance. However, look at the Israel. A bomer kills some folks at a shopping center, so the Israelis attack a Palestinian Police station and kill ten policeman. Or bomb the house of a suspected Palestinian Leader, killing his children whether or not he had anything to do with the bombing. Thats like me killing some Philadelphia police officers because a Philadelphian shot and killed someone outside the city. The Palestinians see the US as the power behind such oppressive behavior by Israel. To an extent their not far off. Like Ireland and England, it has been going on so long, no one knows where it started and everyone thinks their side righteously acts to correct wrongs done them. Whether it is the Michigan Militia types or the Moslem Extremists, what are we to do? We can't lock ourselves away, or we become prisoners to ourselves because of them.

Can you define...    Posted 03-16-2004 at 03:18:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
'Palestinian' please?

Would those be Arabs, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Egyptians?

There is no such thing as a 'Palestinian' unless you include all the Semitic peoples of the whole region that the British refered to as 'Palestine'...That would include the above mentioned people...Oh yeah...AND the Tribes of the Hebrew Nations...aka...The Jews...

Calling someone a 'Palestinian' is about the same as calling a semi-automatic an 'Assault Weapon'...Purely based on what they look like and a useless description at best...

Se·mit·ic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (s-mtk)
Of or relating to the Semites or their languages or cultures.
Of, relating to, or constituting a subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic language group that includes Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic, and Aramaic.

Sincerely Submitted,


Alias    Posted 03-16-2004 at 04:42:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
According to something I once heard on the news, Today's Palistians are the watered down version of the Biblical Philastines. By watered down I mean that there have no doubt been marraiges that involved other nationalities or sects. But, originally, the Philastines were, according to the news article, from Greece.

Palestine Defined...Long.    Posted 03-16-2004 at 04:59:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
Biblical Description Of 'Palestine'


originally denoted only the sea-coast of the land of Canaan inhabited by the
Philistines (Ex. 15:14; Isa. 14:29, 31; Joel 3:4), and in this sense
exclusively the Hebrew name Pelesheth (rendered "Philistia" in Ps. 60:8; 83:7;
87:4; 108:9) occurs in the Old Testament. Not till a late period in Jewish
history was this name used to denote "the land of the Hebrews" in general (Gen.
40:15). It is also called "the holy land" (Zech. 2:12), the "land of Jehovah"
(Hos. 9:3; Ps. 85:1), the "land of promise" (Heb. 11:9), because promised to
Abraham (Gen. 12:7; 24:7), the "land of Canaan" (Gen. 12:5), the "land of
Israel" (1 Sam. 13:19), and the "land of Judah" (Isa. 19:17). The territory
promised as an inheritance to the seed of Abraham (Gen. 15:18-21; Num. 34:1-12)
was bounded on the east by the river Euphrates, on the west by the
Mediterranean, on the north by the "entrance of Hamath," and on the south by
the "river of Egypt." This extent of territory, about 60,000 square miles, was
at length conquered by David, and was ruled over also by his son Solomon (2
Sam. 8; 1 Chr. 18; 1 Kings 4:1, 21). This vast empire was the Promised Land;
but Palestine was only a part of it, terminating in the north at the southern
extremity of the Lebanon range, and in the south in the wilderness of Paran,
thus extending in all to about 144 miles in length. Its average breadth was
about 60 miles from the Mediterranean on the west to beyond the Jordan. It has
fittingly been designated "the least of all lands." Western Palestine, on the
south of Gaza, is only about 40 miles in breadth from the Mediterranean to the
Dead Sea, narrowing gradually toward the north, where it is only 20 miles from
the sea-coast to the Jordan. Palestine, "set in the midst" (Ezek. 5:5) of all
other lands, is the most remarkable country on the face of the earth. No single
country of such an extent has so great a variety of climate, and hence also of
plant and animal life. Moses describes it as "a good land, a land of brooks of
water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills; a land of
wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of oil
olive, and honey; a land wherein thou shalt not eat bread without scarceness,
thou shalt not lack any thing in it; a land whose stones are iron, and out of
whose hills thou mayest dig brass" (Deut. 8:7-9). "In the time of Christ the
country looked, in all probability, much as now. The whole land consists of
rounded limestone hills, fretted into countless stony valleys, offering but
rarely level tracts, of which Esdraelon alone, below Nazareth, is large enough
to be seen on the map. The original woods had for ages disappeared, though the
slopes were dotted, as now, with figs, olives, and other fruit-trees where
there was any soil. Permanent streams were even then unknown, the passing rush
of winter torrents being all that was seen among the hills. The autumn and
spring rains, caught in deep cisterns hewn out like huge underground jars in
the soft limestone, with artificial mud-banked ponds still found near all
villages, furnished water. Hills now bare, or at best rough with stunted
growth, were then terraced, so as to grow vines, olives, and grain. To-day
almost desolate, the country then teemed with population. Wine-presses cut in
the rocks, endless terraces, and the ruins of old vineyard towers are now found
amidst solitudes overgrown for ages with thorns and thistles, or with wild
shrubs and poor gnarled scrub" (Geikie's Life of Christ). From an early period
the land was inhabited by the descendants of Canaan, who retained possession of
the whole land "from Sidon to Gaza" till the time of the conquest by Joshua,
when it was occupied by the twelve tribes. Two tribes and a half had their
allotments given them by Moses on the east of the Jordan (Deut. 3:12-20; comp.
Num. 1:17-46; Josh. 4:12-13). The remaining tribes had their portion on the
west of Jordan. From the conquest till the time of Saul, about four hundred
years, the people were governed by judges. For a period of one hundred and
twenty years the kingdom retained its unity while it was ruled by Saul and
David and Solomon. On the death of Solomon, his son Rehoboam ascended the
throne; but his conduct was such that ten of the tribes revolted, and formed an
independent monarchy, called the kingdom of Israel, or the northern kingdom,
the capital of which was first Shechem and afterwards Samaria. This kingdom was
destroyed. The Israelites were carried captive by Shalmanezer, king of Assyria,
B.C. 722, after an independent existence of two hundred and fifty-three years.
The place of the captives carried away was supplied by tribes brought from the
east, and thus was formed the Samaritan nation (2 Kings 17:24-29).
Nebuchadnezzar came up against the kingdom of the two tribes, the kingdom of
Judah, the capital of which was Jerusalem, one hundred and thirty-four years
after the overthrow of the kingdom of Israel. He overthrew the city, plundered
the temple, and carried the people into captivity to Babylon (B.C. 587), where
they remained seventy years. At the close of the period of the Captivity, they
returned to their own land, under the edict of Cyrus (Ezra 1:1-4). They rebuilt
the city and temple, and restored the old Jewish commonwealth. For a while
after the Restoration the Jews were ruled by Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah,
and afterwards by the high priests, assisted by the Sanhedrin. After the death
of Alexander the Great at Babylon (B.C. 323), his vast empire was divided
between his four generals. Egypt, Arabia, Palestine, and Coele-Syria fell to
the lot of Ptolemy Lagus. Ptolemy took possession of Palestine in B.C. 320, and
carried nearly one hundred thousand of the inhabitants of Jerusalem into Egypt.
He made Alexandria the capital of his kingdom, and treated the Jews with
consideration, confirming them in the enjoyment of many privileges. After
suffering persecution at the hands of Ptolemy's successors, the Jews threw off
the Egyptian yoke, and became subject to Antiochus the Great, the king of
Syria. The cruelty and opression of the successors of Antiochus at length led
to the revolt under the Maccabees (B.C. 163), when they threw off the Syrian
yoke. In the year B.C. 68, Palestine was reduced by Pompey the Great to a Roman
province. He laid the walls of the city in ruins, and massacred some twelve
thousand of the inhabitants. He left the temple, however, unijured. About
twenty-five years after this the Jews revolted and cast off the Roman yoke.
They were however, subdued by Herod the Great (q.v.). The city and the temple
were destroyed, and many of the inhabitants were put to death. About B.C. 20,
Herod proceeded to rebuild the city and restore the ruined temple, which in
about nine years and a half was so far completed that the sacred services could
be resumed in it (comp. John 2:20). He was succeeded by his son Archelaus, who
was deprived of his power, however, by Augustus, A.D. 6, when Palestine became
a Roman province, ruled by Roman governors or procurators. Pontius Pilate was
the fifth of these procurators. He was appointed to his office A.D. 25.
Exclusive of Idumea, the kingdom of Herod the Great comprehended the whole of
the country originally divided among the twelve tribes, which he divided into
four provinces or districts. This division was recognized so long as Palestine
was under the Roman dominion. These four provinces were, (1) Judea, the
southern portion of the country; (2) Samaria, the middle province, the northern
boundary of which ran along the hills to the south of the plain of Esdraelon;
(3) Galilee, the northern province; and (4) Peraea (a Greek name meaning the
"opposite country"), the country lying east of the Jordan and the Dead Sea.
This province was subdivided into these districts, (1) Peraea proper, lying
between the rivers Arnon and Jabbok; (2) Galaaditis (Gilead); (3) Batanaea; (4)
Gaulonitis (Jaulan); (5) Ituraea or Auranitis, the ancient Bashan; (6)
Trachonitis; (7) Abilene; (8) Decapolis, i.e., the region of the ten cities.
The whole territory of Palestine, including the portions alloted to the
trans-Jordan tribes, extended to about eleven thousand square miles. Recent
exploration has shown the territory on the west of Jordan alone to be six
thousand square miles in extent, the size of the principality of Wales.


buck    Posted 03-15-2004 at 20:11:59       [Reply]  [No Email]

Interesting point of view. Much good can be said of it. While we are in the area of the subject does anyone know where the bills on assault weapons stands right now?

Burrhead    Posted 03-15-2004 at 20:27:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
So far I have'nt got a bill on mine and the band on it runs from just behind the flash suppressor to back about 1" from the butt.

buck    Posted 03-15-2004 at 20:39:11       [Reply]  [No Email]

NO NO NO Burr you done got off track here. I be talking about the bills in the Senate and House on the possibility on letting the BANS lapse. Do appreciate you keepin a well oiled shootin gun though. Got plenty of clips and ammo I suppose.

Burrhead    Posted 03-16-2004 at 08:10:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
10-4 on enough ammo. My son caught the gun show this year in Houston.

Salmoneye    Posted 03-16-2004 at 02:59:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
Bills to re-up the 'assault weapons ban' went down in flames as they were being attached to the bills that had to do with outlawing lawsuits against the gun manufacturers in the cases of gun crime...

As it sits now...Nothing further is expected in any form till maybe just before September if at all...

Posta on this very subject at all those sites...Put 'sunset' in your search and you should get the info you seek as the AWB is set to 'sunset' in September...


unless you live in Maryla    Posted 03-17-2004 at 09:55:13       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our State lawmakers are trying to one-up (as opposed to re-up) the Federal ban by including just about everything on their list. Pretty disheartening, sometimes I wonder where my NRA is.

Tom A

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