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Country Discussion Topics
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Orchards - anyone have some good sites to visit?
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ShepFL    Posted 01-31-2002 at 07:57:32       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I am slowly trying to add some enhancements to our place. I dearly miss my childhood fruit orchard (apple, cherry, apricot, peaches, plum, rhubarb).

I live in N. FL and need to select different plants for this area (Zone 8b). My apple & pear starts have already starting to bud out. I am now trying to decide which peaches to plant. Florda King or Dwarf Haven Hale. I don't know squat about peaches and so far unable to locate any comparative information on these peaches. County Ag rep. has not responded yet.

Les...fortunate    Posted 01-31-2002 at 09:43:23       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Haven't had much luck here (Zone 3) with anything but apples. Got 2 pears that blossom and seem to thrive but never give me mature fruit. Our growing season (at least for anything the frost will harm) is only Memorial Day to Labor Day. Any earlier or later than that and you're taking your chances.
Shep, are you going to Zolfo Springs next month?

ShepFL    Posted 01-31-2002 at 10:10:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
Les -
I am planning to - been looking fwd. to meeting folks in person. Barring business travel I should be there. I have a mtg. on Friday that will determine if I have to go out of town for the next few weeks (5). Sure hope not, getting real tired of being a "road warrior" AGAIN. . .
Will keep you posted,

Les    Posted 01-31-2002 at 11:47:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good, keep me posted. Right now it looks like we are going to be there on Thursday and Friday but Mudcat49 says the best day to be there is Saturday. Have you been before? Is it a mob scene?

PCC-AL    Posted 01-31-2002 at 09:12:29       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hi Shep,
Pull up "Florida peach growing" on Yahoo and you will get several sites.
Your growing season(climate) will have a definite effect upon most of the things you grow compared to other parts of the country.
Here, in Alabama, I depend a lot on our County Extention Service for planting dates, fertlizer, plant varities, etc. Good luck.

ShepFL    Posted 01-31-2002 at 10:14:00       [Reply]  [Send Email]

Found this link today during my lunch break. I will be doing some additonal research using the info you provided. I would love to add this orchard to the U-PICK operation and just for personal use.

IF the weather holds this yr. I am hoping for good yr. IF it does not the 20 acres will become pasture or hay. Either way I will be setting potatoes and tomatoes this week.


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