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Country Discussion Topics
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Great site
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Dorinda    Posted 01-31-2002 at 15:13:02       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I just happened onto this site. We have well water, and its recently started to stink like rotten eggs. Well I was searching YAHOO!, and it took me to your fine site!
The owner of the bldg, we live in a duplex in rural Massachusetts, looked at the rod in the water heater, and that solved the problem!

Thanks to who ever posted that solution!!
Also are there any folks from New England out there?

Cowboy Joe    Posted 02-01-2002 at 18:41:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Not meaning to brag, but here's a link to a really GREAT site...

I graduated from college in New England and I've got relatives in Boston area.

IHank    Posted 02-01-2002 at 03:40:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dorinda- Welcome to the Country Living web page. There's lots of good people here and about any question a person has there's someone here that has the answer for 'em. IHank

Donna    Posted 01-31-2002 at 17:26:26       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi and welcome, I know you will enjoy this place,
and about the sulfur smell {rotten egg smell} if I do more than 2 large loads of laundry in one day, I notice a smell of sulfur, it is our underground system, the neighbors have the same problem, we have a water filter {whole house, and one on the kitchen faucet, it does help tone down the smell}~ We had the water tested it is fine.


Duey (IA)    Posted 01-31-2002 at 18:11:52       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hey, Donna
Regarding the bad smell in your water, we had the same problem. I found out the problem originated in the whole house filter. It seems that a certain type of bacteria would react with the plastic parts of the filter element(cheap paper with plastic mesh), turning that area black and very smelly. I purged the system very slowly with bleach and then changed to a spun fiber Culligan P5 filter. No more smell! Duey

Les...fortunate    Posted 01-31-2002 at 15:29:39       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dorinda, I love your name. Have a good friend by the same name.
Yes, I'm from Woodstock, NH. Know where that is? No, it's not where the big shebang was in '69. That was in New York (but not actually in Woodstock).
There's at least a couple of others from NE that hang around here - Salmoneye in Charlotte, VT and F14 in Prospect Harbor, ME.
Hope you hang around. Wouldn't hurt us to get some new folks and new ideers. Make sure you check out the Country People forum, also on this site.

Donna    Posted 01-31-2002 at 18:50:51       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanks Duey I will tell hubby, I printed out your advice, to give to him.

Dorinda    Posted 02-04-2002 at 13:27:28       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Thanks for all the comments from my posting.
Unfortunately, our water system,(well), does not have a filter. We rent this side of the duplex, and to put a whole filtration system would cost big bucks. Our rent is high enough!!:)
We have no charcoal filter. We use Morton's rock salt pellet that we buy from the feed store as a water softener. They replaced the rod and the smell is no more!

Also thanks for the welcome!

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