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April fools pranks...revisited
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TO35    Posted 03-20-2004 at 20:09:33       [Reply]  [No Email]
Well actually this was a Halloween prank we pulled.
When I was thirteen years old, me and a few of the other young men I hung out with decided to pull some Halloween pranks. We swiped a sheet from Donny’s mom’s clothesline and I brought some twine. We gathered up and the tree house fort and started to make a ghost like object…even drew eyes on it with a marker. We tied the twine on it so the head would hang upright, and then waited till nightfall. A little after 7pm we walked To the sidewalk a block down the street from the Iga grocery store. We all climbed up the large oak trees that shaded and hung over the side walk. We sat in the tree waiting patiently for our first victim. After a few minutes we hear a click…. klump,click ……klump,click… klump come down the sidewalk I peered through the thick limbs and saw a very large Black lady heading our way down the sidewalk, she was carrying two large paper bags packed with groceries
As she got near we all tried to muffle our giggles and keep her from looking up and spotting us, a minute later she was right under us and I dropped the ghost down right in front of her and the twine was exactly the right length right at her head height level.
She let out a blood curdling scream then hollered ohhh Lord, throwing the two bags up into the air and then all we could hear was the clickty klump, clickty klump,clickty klump going so fast away from us and down the street. We could no longer control out laughter and just laughed our tails off.
We climbed down the tree and gather up a loaf of bread, some cookies and bologna and headed back to the fort. I never thought of it till a few years later than we had maybe taken food out of her or her Childs mouth, but it sure seemed funny at the time. And to this day I can still hear that clicky klump going down the sidewalk at top speed.


Fern(Mi)    Posted 03-21-2004 at 04:34:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
I was the left out kid, that didn't fit in, the area loner, the outsider looking in, not exactly openly let in. Fact was I got along with adults better than most kids my age, unless it was another loner.

All hollows eve darkness but hrs away I had heard some of the community's prankster's recounting their last yrs varied deeds. If I weren't allowed on the inside I (the dumb & stupid) could work a bit of fun on my own.

I went to see an old gentleman these wise-guys had pranked the last 2/3 yrs. I told. I told him I knew wo had done the crappy deed and I wanted to mix in some of the fun. "Well," he had blostered, "If you're one of them what'ya telling for?"
"Well, I'm not one of them. And, because they wont let me play with them, I want to get even."
"Done!" the old mane said, "What have ya got in mind?"
"Not much time left, my having to be home soon, already over due," I would have _ell to pay, I told the old man this had to be quick. He called my mom, told her I was doing a job for him and he'd bring me home in a half hr or so.

A couple levers and a little time later the trap was set. Oh how I wanted to see, but knowing I was in on it I'd have to get the report tomorrow.

How sweet it was. The revenge! Holloween's wed had been a success. Those boys, unknown babes to this master came to school still stinking, they'd been scrubbed with lie, fells-naptha, lava soaps still ranked that awful smell reeking from their pores. Better yet was that evenings meeting and helping the old man move his outhouse back the 3'/4' we had moved it ahead the night before.

In all it's stinking aroma, my revenge was sweet.
Later over the years I had learned this old man had been in most of Admiral Birds world wide expeditions. What fountain of knowledge, one could say, I had stumbled into.

I can still see that old man holding his sides tears streaming down his cheeks in laughter telling me all the sorded details.
lol LOL What a country HOOT! LOL>

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