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Country Discussion Topics
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Anyone from the SE Portland area?
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Dave and Kris    Posted 02-06-2002 at 04:30:07       [Reply]  [Send Email]
We just returned from a 4 day "check out" of the Portland area. I have a job offer in the area, and they flew us out to look over the country side. After much driving around, it looks like we would be most interested in property in the Carver / Boring / Clackamus Co. areas. We currently have horses (and the wife says we will continue to have them if we move) and live on the front range in Colorado. We need advice on all facets of the area before making the decission to accept the job. Rural setting is a MUST. Big change for us, to move form high-plains desert, to moss covered cloud forest!
Any feedback would be a great help,
Thanks, Kris and Dave

Dorinda    Posted 02-06-2002 at 17:47:01       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I live in South Eastern Massachusetts!!

wapial    Posted 02-06-2002 at 09:52:42       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I live about 30 miles south west of that area of Oregon and love it. there is many items of interest in the northeast corner of the state,
including small farms and ranches. my only complaint is the high property taxes. there are
a number of horse boarding farms in the area where I now live about 10 miles north of Salem,
just west of Interstate 5

Dave    Posted 02-06-2002 at 17:29:18       [Reply]  [Send Email]
One of our major concerns relates to the weather. We got to town Sat.AM and left on Tues PM, and had very nice weather for our stay. It is our understanding that that was not the norm. We are origionaly from Minnesota, so rain all winter is no real problem compared to the snow we are used to, both there and here. Does the rain stop? Is it always gray and cloudy ALL winter, or are there breaks with nice weather? Are the summers nice (partly cloudy)? We saw a lot of standing water everywhere, and were told it has been a very wet winter so far, is this true? We drove to Lincoln City (through your area), it is beautiful! I can understand your point about taxes, we have the same problem here. Property values have been driven sky high over the last 6 years (welcome to San Deigo Colorado), and all the transplants want to pave every dirt road in the country! The 3000 acre cattle ranch across from us is now being divided into 1 acre lots.....time to get out of here!
Thanks for your feed back, Dave and Kris

wapial    Posted 02-07-2002 at 08:22:14       [Reply]  [Send Email]
one of the neat things about the area you mentioned is you will be less than an hours drive
from the ocean, cascade mountains, major airport,
metropolitan area(Portland), many recreational parks, The early settlers called this area "Eden at the end of the Oregon trail". THe Rain we get makes for some fantastic spring and summer scenery. It usually is no problem the rest of the year.Hope you can love the place as much as I do

M.R.    Posted 02-07-2002 at 13:11:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey partner, there is a reason that a lot of us on the N.E. side refer to that side of the cascades as 'Web-Foot Country' ya'll come over to this side to dry-out. ;>}

Home is where the heart is, would have liked them to have seen them used the back-bone of the cascades when putting Or. & Wa. together.

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