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The successfully propagated plants through TERNPC!
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cloningseedling    Posted 03-29-2004 at 19:54:50       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Millions of plants can be successfully propagated within several months in lower cost and higher efficiency than other technqiue. you can go to our
varieties are below:
Economic Plant For Forestation
Fujian cypress; Mere leaf paper mulberry of Japan ; The chicken feather is loosed; Purple leaf short cherry ; China tree; Compound leaf tool; West dragon spruce of Sichuan; Loose on the high mountain; Japanese larch; Print chinaberries; Teak; white poplar; Chinese white poplar of triploid; Xinjiang Yang ; Resist Yang in the south; Evergreen Yang( the four seasons Yang); 84k Yang; 110 Yang; 107 Yang; 108 Yang; The silver hits Yang; Locust tree of tetraploid; Gold silk peach; Beijing 2001 Yang; 2025 Yang; 2005 Yang; 2050 Yang; Small leaf woman chastity ; Gold silk weeping willow; Black Yang; Hebei Yang; Xinjiang Yang; Hair cherry; Ingot tool; Chinese ilex ; Dark Chinese tallow tree of maple leaf; Sea-buckthorn; Leaf plum of elm; Heavy elms leaf plum; Gold leaf small tiller; Small tiller of maple leaf; Leaf eucalyptus of end; Huge end eucalyptus; Big narrow-leaved oleaster in Xinjiang; The horse constitutes lovesickness; Locust tree; Chinese tamarisk; Weeping willow; Banyan ; Dragon spruce; Chinese scholartree of the South; Tree-of-heaven; Elm; Forsythia; Chinese scholartree; Fragrant colored Chinese scholartree; Cotton wood of silk; White birch; Paulownia imperials; Hang down elms; Camphor tree; Cloves; Southwest birch
Economic Plant of vegetable and fruit
Mini cucumber; Purple girl fragrant; Beet; Matrimony vine; It is green and fragrant( edible wild herbs); Red Chinese toon; Yellow sweet pepper ( Israeli hybridization is planted); Purple sweet pepper ( Israeli hybridization is planted); Red sweet pepper ( Israeli hybridization is planted); Big Kidney bean; Matrimony vine-1; the pearl flower; Big tomato of Israel; Taiwanese holy girl( cherry tomato); Edible cactus; Cucumber; Bean sheet jelly wax gourd; Festival of Hainan melon; Carry day sunflowers purply; Aspermous watermelon in early spring of Japan ; Neat muskmelon; A generation of muskmelon of Japanese hybridization; India poke berry; R-139( Israeli hybridization is planted); 818 cherry tomatoes; ( Israeli hybridization is planted); Eggplant; Steep peppers ; Sheep's angle pepper

Economic Plant of fruit
Soft seed pomegranate; Sapodilla plum; Taiwan cherry; Hair cherry; Big pomegranate; Beautiful date ; Big date in Tongbai; Peaceful small date in China; Flue fruit; Pearl guava; Yellow olive; Malaysian carambola; Papaya; Jackfruit; Acid angle; Sweet acid angle;Indian date ; Shaddock; Macaque's peach; Chinese flowering crabapple; Fog of the lotus; Apricot; Date ; Strawberry; Peach; Pear; The phoenix 51; The grape 861; Purple grape in June; Carry the grape red; Thailand sweet sour angle; Longan; Grape; Red guava; Honey peach ; Zijin peach; Tree berry

Economic Plant For Medicine
Yunnan Chinese yew; Oil lamp flower; American Curacao aloe; Chinese aloe; Eucommia; Northeastern Chinese yew; Ginseng fruit; Wooden Chinese ephedra; Honeysuckle; Arhat fruit; evening primrose;Beautiful precipice beans rattan ; Guangdong desmodium ; Licorice root of Ural; Herbaceous peony; winter creeper spindle tree; Danshen; Maidenhair tree; Blue root of board

Economic Plant For Gardening
Yunnan Chinese yew ; Smoke tree of U.S.A. ; African arabian jasmine ; Wintersweet; Maple; The red prince's silk is taken; Tree peony ; Tree peony pomegranate; Lilac; Chinese flowering crabapple of rose; Desert rose ; Leaf grass of color ; Guinean garden balsam; Peacock's bamboo taro; Torch( a variety of color); Get rich on the tree; Belgian rose; Cut the colored Chinese rose; American chrysanthemum; Holland cuts and spends chrysanthemums; Big leaf box; View and admire the bell pepper; Rubber tree; Full TianXing; Carnation; Cold splash; Colored Chinese unicorn; Boston ivy; Friendship flower; Jasmine flower; Colored leaf Japan; Dragon boat flower; Gold plum; Maple leaf Japan; Wooden Ang; Black bamboo plum; Foreign lily; Crape myrtle; Tree peony of leaf; Goose's palm firewood; Araucaria; Short bunch of a generation of hybridization is red( purple, blue, white); Leaf flower; Green trailing plants; Turn into the leaf wood; Ruffian tree; A generation of marigold of hybridization; View and admire broccolies in a generation of hybridization; Polygenetic dahlia; Camellia; Get rich on the tree; Cordate telosma; Golden-rimmed rich and powerful bamboo; Elderly person for whom a birthday celebration is being held flower; Short poinsettia of U.S.A.; Cape jasmine; Red castor plant; Milan; Sweet-scented osmanthus; China pink; Day goose down; Little angel; Color and leaf taro; Big leaf dragon boat flower; Small leaf dragon boat flower; Jonquil; Belgian cuckoo ; The safflower continues the wood ; Small leaf box; Oleander ; Pour the money clock of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Main Economic Plant
Take off the poisonous potato ; Take off the poisonous sweet potato; Tea; Fujian tea; Guangxi tea; Cassava; Alfalfa; Dense special hops of department; Soybeans; Buckwheat; Ramie; The transgenosis resists the cotton worm ; Goose down rattan ; Mulberry; Longjing tea; Hangzhou Longjing tea

geo in MI    Posted 03-30-2004 at 05:24:48       [Reply]  [No Email]
Wacky weed 101

Hasantha    Posted 07-26-2008 at 12:18:41       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Dear All

01. What are the propagation units of TERNPC ?
02. Is TERNPC use a part of the leaf as the propagation units ?


Uhhhhhhh....    Posted 03-29-2004 at 20:14:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
what's the punch line here? :^)

ron,ar    Posted 03-29-2004 at 19:57:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
what the he11 did you say?

Oh Lord....    Posted 03-29-2004 at 20:02:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
....way too late for all that edumacation. I'll try tomorrow.


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