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Country Discussion Topics
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Iraq war
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steve19438    Posted 03-31-2004 at 02:51:55       [Reply]  [Send Email]
five more killed. the MADNESS continues...........

Roy    Posted 04-01-2004 at 16:22:27       [Reply]  [Send Email]
I came to this forum for some good old turkey talk and there is this guy gloating about our dead country men in Iraq.

What a shameful thing to bring up! I support the troops and the great work they are doing fighting the terrorists oversaes. If we don't find them and kill them there we will have to face them in our cities.

Please, stick to turkey talk because you are upsetting a lot of people that unlike you love this country and appreciate what god has blessed us with by putting us on this part of the world.

Roy The Cuban

Annie    Posted 04-01-2004 at 15:42:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
The one thing we all keep forgetting is that we have an ALL VOLUNTEER military. Our soldiers knew that they could expect war and turmoil when they signed on the line and I think they are the bravest and most incredible people on earth. They know that they may not be appreciated in foreign lands but that the cause is deserving. God Bless their conviction. God Bless them all and keep them safe to return to those who love them. Don't take the glory away from them. They deserve all our honor as well as the administration that knows the terror will NEVER end UNLESS we never give up. 9-11 was bad enough but it was just the tip of the iceburg. The terror lives on EACH & EVERYDAY all over the world and unless we remain convicted in our resolve to stop it, it will not end. I will vote to continue this resolve and I will continue to shake every soldiers hand in every airport and restaurant I see them in. I hope that you all do the same.

Dave 2N    Posted 03-31-2004 at 05:41:38       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Is it time for your yearly rabies booster shot?

bob ny    Posted 03-31-2004 at 05:29:55       [Reply]  [No Email]
i don't see any banners displaying your feelings about the 600 deaths a day in the us caused by alchol related deaths.nor do i see any protest flags condeming drug users killing for money for a fix. how about a yelling match between, a mother of an innicent little girl that was shot accidently in a bad guy /police shootout, and the mother of the bad guy.those of us that fought on foriegn soil have the facts to know that it is better than fighting a war here
sorry to ramble it just burns my a$$ to here this B S .if you can't support our soldiers for christ sake don't condem or harras them
bob(who tries to weigh all canidates at the electons to TRY to pick the right one )ny

madness is...    Posted 03-31-2004 at 05:24:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
what you think all others are,and they think they are sane and you are "mad" so who is "mad" and who is sane?

TO35.... who by defination has at one time or another fit one or two of the descriptions.

"mad" (1- mentally deranged ;insane 2-subject to an overpowering emotion;excited intensly or beyond self-control;mad with jealousy or grief 3- collog. Angry; furious; enraged. 4- rabid; having hydrophobia; hence uncontrolliable. 5-Proceding from or indicating a disordered mind.)

deadcarp- sane is    Posted 03-31-2004 at 06:04:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
a net used to catch minnows. if none are caught, trow it on udderside. if still none, cut up a perch. :)

it's called war steve....    Posted 03-31-2004 at 03:18:55       [Reply]  [Send Email]'s kinda like going to the dentist,no one wants to do it but it has to bedone some times.
instead of wasting your time trying to stir things up,put your energy into supporting the troops and their families.
sorry i try to never post back at posts such as yours, but the war in iraq is here so lets all pitch in and do all that we can to see that it is over soon

Alias    Posted 03-31-2004 at 05:22:42       [Reply]  [No Email]
Steve Zipcode does this ever so often. He seems to be on the broken record mode.

Please don't misunderstand me. I too am troubled by the deaths of our servicemen. If it were left to me, no one would ever be killed at war. But, I think it wrong to use their death to attack the present administration's war on terrior.

I may be wrong but I'd be welling to bet five dollars to a rolling donut that our friend Steve is an avowed democrat supporter. So, I have just this to say. Why Steve, didn't you ask, "When will the madness end", when 193 people died in Spain as a result of the train bombings? Somehow, I get the impression that it's alright with you, Steve, if little children are blown up as long as no American Servicemen are involved.

I, for one wish you'd stop whatever it is you think you're doing. For, you do those soldiers, who have given their life in the cause, a great disservice. For, you are treating them as tho they were sheep being led to slaughter.....gfp

Stormie    Posted 03-31-2004 at 06:55:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Please don't assume that all democrats have the same political views as Steve. :>)


Clipper    Posted 03-31-2004 at 07:19:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm wondering if he has ever served a single day in uniform....

Short Round    Posted 03-31-2004 at 04:13:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
Our boy bush will keep our servicemen and women there until they find the WMD even if there never were any. And they will contine to keep killing our sons and daughters. The count is now reaching near 600 of our own killed, how long is this to go on.

Salmoneye    Posted 03-31-2004 at 04:16:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Why don't you ask when we are gettng out of Kosovo?

How about Germany?


SusieQ    Posted 03-31-2004 at 02:55:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
How sad, too, for families, the 1092 th, arrived back from Iraq after being gone for 1 year, this war type policing sounds so very much like Viet Nam, and everyone know how long that went on.sigh.

Iraq...a view    Posted 03-31-2004 at 03:14:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
from the Ball Field....

I posted this story here over a year ago, little did I know that even now, it still holds true!

The sun set on my boy's second Little League game of the season, our team in the lead. At some point, I stopped watching the ball, and started watching the faces.

I paid close attention to the boy's expressions. Their looks of open optimism and anticipation as they stepped up to bat. The grim determination as they threw, caught, and ran with all their might from base to base.

Having lived in the city, I can tell you that there is a world of difference between a rural game and a city game. Maybe it's the fact that folks tend to pull up on the grass at the park and leave their vehicles pretty much wherever they want, rather than being delegated to crisply-lined, black asphalt 'designated parking areas'. Even the prospect of having a foul ball land in the middle of your hood, doesn't seem to take away from the relaxed, laid back environment of the rural baseball field.

I watched the audience. "Left Wing" or "Right Wing" boiled down to which team you were rooting for. I watched the small children behind the bleachers, their small hopeful faces upturned, waiting for the foul ball that they would scramble for and then take to the concession stand to trade for a sucker.

A boy from the home team tried to steal third. The pitcher was not to be so easily had. He slammed to ball to the third baseman, who caught it deftly and then, noting the runner's close proximity to second, let the ball fly to second base. The second baseman allowed the ball to slip past him, so the runner, anticipating a home run, did an abrupt about-face and lit a shuck for third base again.

The outfielder snatched the ball out of the air and with an audible grunt, fired it back to third, leaving the runner once again penned between second and third bases. The runner swung around and headed at a dead run back where he'd come from. The third baseman, still on his toes, blasted the ball back to second. The second baseman, this time, caught the ball and our runner was once and for all, OUT!

The audience roared with laughter and applause at this unexpected Abbot & Costello type play, and the players--both teams-- laughed and slapped each other on the back for having provided such quality entertainment.

For just a while, our "battle" was contained to a Little League field. Fred, being the eloquent man I know and love, summed it up for me:

"This is neat." He glanced at me, and grinned.

"Yeah, it is." I agreed, and grinned back at him.

After the game was over, the spectators began to stir, gathering up kids, lawn chairs and coolers, the scent of the honeysuckle lining the stadium fence thick in the air, and the sound of laughter and good-natured joking cutting through the encroaching darkness.

I paused at the back stop, my fingers hooked thought the chain link fencing that protected the spectators, waiting for our team to finish it's post-game prayer.

"...for seeing us through this game safely with no injuries and, Lord, please take care of our soldiers who are fighting in Iraq and bring them home safely..."

It wasn't expected, the tear that worked it's way from the corner of my eye and slipped down my cheek. I found to my shame that I had to find a private place, as more tears were clearly imminent. Not too awful many, just a few.

One for our soldiers; the ones we are missing, the ones we have lost, the families that are grieving. One for their soldiers. A couple for the children of Iraq, who know no such joy as a simple baseball game. One for the mothers over there who are not able to experience the gleeful jubilation of watching their sons try to steal third base. One out of sheer gratitude that the war is happening there and not here, and one for me because no matter how hard I try not to be, I'm just too dang sentimental.

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