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Country Discussion Topics
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They're invading!
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Michele in VA    Posted 03-31-2004 at 18:40:27       [Reply]  [No Email]

The owner of the 65 acres that surround my little 3-acre yard has sold to a developer.
And my old springhouse, such a pain in the neck, will be supplanted with city water.

tomatolord    Posted 04-01-2004 at 06:21:03       [Reply]  [No Email]
have not posted in a while...

Farmer next to us had 20 acres paid 50k for in 65 sold in 99 for 2.1 million, went and bought more land further north of the "city"

he worked hard all his life, he deserves the 2.1 mill.

Some people feel rich with the feel of dirt in their hands, some dont feel rich unless its dollar bills.

Hard to really complain though land prices go up you can sell house and land and buy more further out.

One thing I dont understand is that some of my neighbors live in homes that are falling down in complete disrepair - yet the property they own is in the millions, they could sell go buy more land and build new, and live a comfortable life.

To each his own.

Dad is in the same spot now, he has a cabin in upstate PA that we as kids spent a lot time there, but it is 12 hours away from me now, no way I could maintain it. One brother is close 2 hours away, but is it fair to have him maintain the property?

decisions decisions.

Oh one last thing

Why dont you get some guinea hens, or roosters some loud animal life! That always makes the neighbors mad!

Ohiosteve    Posted 04-01-2004 at 05:27:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
My place isn't quite as close to town as it once was either. I still have about five miles to the
nearest town. I actually can't wait for interest rates to go way up. That ought to stop a lot of this sprawl. For the life of me I can't understand where people are working to afford some
of these new homes around here. They must be making the 60+ mile drive to Pittsburg, Pa.

deadcarp    Posted 04-01-2004 at 04:42:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Forty years ago we had city jobs but wanted to be closer to nature, so we took the 25-mile drive in stride to get the fresh air. Extra car expense kinda offset the cheaper house. Well after 25 years, one would have needed to move again, the little quail-hunting canyons had filled wih houses. But i'd do it same way again - enjoy what you can and tolerate what you must. All your new neighbors in all those new houses are after the same thing - that makes suburbia and brings jobs closer to home..:)

W-central MD too    Posted 04-01-2004 at 02:33:37       [Reply]  [No Email]
The last 5 years have been very depressing where I am, developments springing up literally overnight. Government and developers are on a roll, approving new construction because it'll "improve our services and quality of life" even though poll after poll clearly indicate the folks here don't want this "improvement."

Farm next door to my north split up and is being partially developed, the one on the south will go as soon as the old folks die because the kids aren't interested in anything except getting every penny out of the land they can--I'd buy it if I could, but can't bid against a developer.

Neighbor 2 doors down is 85 and still farming (can work me into the ground) actually chased off a developer who was offering him millions for his place because she used the word "develop" but his kids are the same, they want the money.

Tom A

Yep...    Posted 03-31-2004 at 18:44:49       [Reply]  [No Email]
them's Martha Stewart mushrooms allright. :^(

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