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The Humor is on Me
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Alias    Posted 04-15-2004 at 19:48:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
The Jokes on me.

My wife Nancy and I went shopping at the Klein's supermarket in Cardiff Maryland this afternoon. When we left the store we drove on across the Mason-Dixon line into southern York County Pa. to visit an Amish family we know there. They are in their mid 30's and we're proud to call them friends. They have three little girls whose ages range from 5 to 10. Now, our primary reason for the visit was to deliver belated Easter Baskets to the children.

After awhile, I took the man in my truck to see his brother. When we got there, the brother was in the process of milking about 45 cows. After we had visited for a while and started to leave, I realized that we had a bag of candy that my wife had purchased at the store. So, I took from the bag, 5 pieces of small Three Musketeers bars and gave out three of them to the brother's three small children who were outside by my truck. I then went back into the barn to give a piece to the brother and his oldest son. Now, as fate would have it, and holding to the old addage that no good deed goes unpunished, I had myself a slight but highly embarrasing mishap. description of which is as follows:

Upon entering the milking barn, I walked down a slightly sloping ramp. At the bottom, a steel plate was lying across the poop trough. Well now, wouldn't you know that the plate was barely touching the edge of the trough nearest me. And, when my foot set down on it, it slipped into the PI$H AND SHUUT and my left foot with it. Of course, I fell and my right shin came into contact with the opposit edge of the trough. I lost one shoe and the other one was soaked with the muck and mire of cow waste. The two brothers helped me to my feet and did what they could to help me regain my composure. Well, after I made it back to the truck, I shucked the other shoe and drove back to our original visiting place. as soon as we arrived, I called to Nancy and without getting out of the truck, we left and I drove home barefooted save for socks.

Back at the house, I waited outside until my wife handed me a bucket and some soapy bleach water. Then I proceeded to rid myself of the smell and crud. Meanwhile, Nancy filled the washer and when I stepped into the laundry room, I shucked down to my butt ugly birthday suit and threw my clothes in the washer. All the while Nancy is laughing her, well ya know what, off. I decided that I would not let her laughing get to me. So, I slunk off like a suck-egg dog to the bathroom and the shower stall. When the hot water started to hit me I felt somewhat more relaxed and I stood there as the water cascaded down my body and started laughing like crazy.

I tell you friends, bad things happen to good people. But, good people can rise above it. And, tonight after my shower and a good cup of tea, I feel pretty darn good. And, I'm just going to chalk this one up to memorable moments that my grandkids can laugh about when I'm long gone. Cause, I'm going to save this one for my scrapbook.........gfp

Dieselrider    Posted 04-16-2004 at 04:25:53       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sometimes, "to fall in it and come out smellin like a rose", one neads a shower first. Glad you're ok.

Fern(Mi)    Posted 04-15-2004 at 22:54:26       [Reply]  [No Email]
I've done near enough the same thing in doing the original chore time routeen, going head first in the barnyard soup. Undressed outside the front barn door before God and the neighbors. I'm sure they might have seen uglier. Then in shorts and t-shirt drove home leaving my clothes in the truck until I had bathed and redressed against the cold. Yup, Frieda laughed her's off as well. It was alright. She was laughing with me, not at me. She has had her spills also and knew the embarrasment even though in our cases, our tripping the feet unseen.
Glad no more than the varnished exterior was tarnished.
I love this. LOL

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