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Country Discussion Topics
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Fer(Mi)    Posted 04-22-2004 at 17:45:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Not going back a-reading to catch-up, Iíll admit to hearing rumors I have been missed? Most likely no more than Iíve missed checking in on the rest of the boardís populace: seeing if everyoneís play nice, trying to entertain everybody of Fernís trials and tribulations of married life, now and then putting my best foot forward to help with some answers to the country life, and just plain being an obnoxious funny but-in-ski (Note: the polish spelling).

Must tell you all though, it wasnít easy getting back. That one horse posse Clipper had sent out without a rider got lost finding me. Probably the luckiest part of the whole ordeal was that juiced up Ruben showing up with an empty saddle. Tired of walking in the dark after having fallen down the Saloonís dry sink drain Clipper wanted me to see. I finally walked out into the broad light of day some unknown miles away. Then kept on going the wrong way. Thatís when that tanked up Ruben (Wrong Way should be added to the front of his name) found me. Then, Iíd never made it up on his back had it not been for a near-by rock.
Hadnít been for Wrong Way Ruben drying out (sobering up) and acquiring a new thirst and the scent of a freshly tapped keg, we still might have been going the wrong way. Getting back to the Saloon from where we both had started our separate journeys, I was glad to visit the johns. Having been in the saddle so long and feared to get down for greater fear of not getting back, my wooden teeth were floating. Sure was glad them restrooms doors were wide and high, Ruben not even slowing down, intent on making room for a fresh tapped Beer. Getting to the watering trough, Ruben cocking one hind leg like a dog, myself still fearing getting down, I stood on the saddle. Now that had to have been a sight, two species of mammals sharing a refreshing whiz.

Well regardless, Iím back Got to get myself in order. Seems thereís been a whole lot of time and effort lost here aboutís. Seems I get to start all over again rewriting my stories. Even lost the backups. Whoever, whatever, it was that had gotten to me did a good job. I was told I got hit by spy-ware?
So keep your guard up.

Donna from Mo    Posted 04-23-2004 at 02:50:17       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'll bet someone on this board saved one or two of your stories and would be glad to copy and paste... wait, there's the archives! Do a search and see if they are there! I back up my poems on a CD. That way if the computer crashes, I still have them.

KellyGa    Posted 04-23-2004 at 02:26:35       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hey Fern! Oh, I am so glad you are back, grown quite attached to you, and I was going into Fern withdrawals. :) Sorry you lost everything. Ian has mentioned spyware to me before, I was asking if I should download something off a site, claimed it could help with something. He said not to, that it would have spyware on it, so I didn't, glad I listened, for once, lol. While you were gone Shelby obtained a 4 month old Flemish Giant rabbit, got him a pedigree and everything, she is going to get herself into some rabbit shows, win some ribbons! :)

Anyway, glad your back, see ya soon. :)

Katrina    Posted 04-22-2004 at 21:06:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nice to have you back, Fern. Missed your posts! Hope all is well and spring is fun!

Alias    Posted 04-22-2004 at 20:55:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Fern, I hereby take this opportunity to convey unto you my heartfelt joy over your return. Now, if anything like a puter crash should happen in the furture, please call me at 1-800-PCCRASH.

Glad you're well and not so saddle sore. Now, tell the truth, who is happier that you got that computer fixed, you or Frieda? .........gfp

Ron,ar    Posted 04-22-2004 at 18:45:06       [Reply]  [No Email]
Good to see ya again,we ain't sending Clipper or no drunk horse next time. We gonna send them upstairs saloon wimmens after ya. Your misses may not like that too much either. Yo know how loose wimmens like to talk.

~Lenore    Posted 04-22-2004 at 18:24:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
Welcome back, Fernan.
I guess someone should tell you that you no longer own the "Senior Citizen" crown here.
You take off for a few days and someone moves right in.
Mr. Karter...Older than dirt (he says) took the crown. He is 80 years old and you are now just one of us youngens!! how about them apples?!! LOL

DD    Posted 04-22-2004 at 18:12:31       [Reply]  [No Email]
Howdy Mr. & Mrs. Sugar! (((HUGS))) Glad to see you're back. We Missed ya ; ) Boo, Hiss and Plagues to all the buttheads who write spyware and viruses!

TO35    Posted 04-22-2004 at 18:02:20       [Reply]  [No Email]
Yo Fern much as I know you'd hate to, you really need to upgrade to a better pc so you can use all the new fancy smanchy software fer killing that syware and hackers...and such....and you could probably write fer ever on a coupke cd's....

well anyways missed you Old Man....Glad your back

SusieQ    Posted 04-23-2004 at 03:21:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Welcome back, Mr. Fern, and please update anti-virus programs, Norton does great, and keep up-dating that pc of yours, it is worth it, to be able to maintain all you have saved, do you do back disc on your stories? You should, hey noone is ever to old, to learn anything, hahahah.

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