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Tried to teach 15 yo to drive...
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sharon griffing    Posted 04-24-2004 at 18:23:08       [Reply]  [Send Email]
After a full day of work and shopping, I was vulnerable. We stopped at our mail box and my son asked if he could drive up to our home. It's dirt and rock, a bit curvy, but not much, only about 300 yards. I figured it was about time. I had him do the seat belt, the emergency brake off, holding the brake down, put it into drive. Reminded him which was gas, which was brake. Thought I had all the bases covered. He steps on the gas and runs into a fence behind which is a boat and other RVs. Happily he missed the boat. Bent a pole. He then told me the only thing he didn't know was the steering wheel. ERG! I said that maybe this wasn't the time to try. He said he wanted to get the car out of it. Puts it into reverse and scares me to death. We live right on a very busy highway. It was okay, but I did take over the driving after that. Hurt son's feelings. He walked up the drive. Said it was just like my other son. I asked what he was talking about. My other son (32 yo) let him drive once and he just missed one of the trees. I think we'll need a nice, safe, flat, empty lot somewhere. This was just a bit much for my nerves.

Taylor Lambert    Posted 04-25-2004 at 08:38:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
When i was little dad kept me with him on a dozer and bckhoe alot then later on tractors. When i was 11 i was plowing bymyself by 12 i was on a backhoe bymysef. later that year i got my first truck an 84 S10 V6 5 speed no problems there kept the back roads burnt up. When I was 16 I started driving big trucks starting with a 2 ton dumptruck and by 17 I was in 10 wheelers. Im 24 now and just got my commercial liscenes. I think its best to start him out on a lawn tractor or other small motorized machine. Im glad I started out early one thing here when i got my drivers liscene iI was 15. now the legal age is 16. Now I need to get a Choaufers endorsment a Haz Mat and Class A's

sharon griffing    Posted 04-25-2004 at 09:03:56       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You're doing great, Taylor! At 24 you're far ahead a lot of guys. We've got a lot of work out here in California....

sharon griffing    Posted 04-25-2004 at 06:09:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
ROFL Some wonderful replies. Johnny lives in the clouds and I was having a hard time even thinking of letting him drive. My sister has let her 10 and 13 yos drive her Lexus up the street and into their garage. She has nerves of steel. I don't. LOL Johnny was my 40th b/day present. Spent that day in delivery and recovery. Haven't recovered yet.

We don't have fields or an area we could teach him here at our house -- we live on the side of a hill with canyons all around. But I'm going to go search out a place. Here in California, the rules are strict. Any of the motorized vehicles have age requirements now. But I have to persue. Of course, I won't even get into my elder son's car with him. He's got a lead foot and likes to be a bit too "showy". My dear husband drives for a living. However he doesn't think he has the nerve to teach Johnny, either. But keep it up! You all are making me feel stronger and giving me the encouragement!

dogbardave    Posted 04-25-2004 at 14:51:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
The age requirements are there, I believe, as a gauge to survivability when the thing rolls on the youth.

I know that's why quads have their limits...those puppies are HEAVY and can cause a lot of head/neck/shoulder damage.

I checked into quads, motorcycle, and go-carts...settled on the cart because it:
*has two seats
*has a "brush cage"..."kind" of a roll bar
*full suspension
*good energetic motor.

As far as safety goes, when you dump one (not IF), Quads are the worst, motorcycles are not as dangerous, and the cart seems to have the most protection.

In your case, you'll probably have to trailer whatever you get over the border to a desert in Nevada!

Good luck!

Salmoneye    Posted 04-25-2004 at 04:59:10       [Reply]  [No Email]
I drove my Mom to Massachusetts when I was 12...Got my first 'Defective Equipment' ticket at 14...

When I was forced (state law) to take Drivers Ed in High School, my teacher rode with me with his feet on the dash and read me the ball scores from the paper...This went on for a whole week and he told me that I had 'free-time' from then on as there were people that ACTUALLY needed to learn to drive...He signed off on my 3 month course the 10th day LOL...

Start em young...

dogbardave    Posted 04-25-2004 at 00:12:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
...that's funny!

I let my then 9+/- y.o. boy drive the lawn didnt' have the mowing deck on it. He high centered it on a 5 gal. bucket and later ran into my truck...he blamed the truck.

Then a few months ago, I got a yerf dog go cart for the then 9 y.o. girl was doing fine, and then I turned around...when I turned back around, I saw her accelerating into the garage with her 11 y.o. brother sitting next to her yelling all the way until BANG! She got the brake and gas mixed up. Bent parts. I bent them back (sorts) and told her to get back on that "horse." She did and eventually forgot about it.

A short time later, my 11 y.o. boy took me for a ride, and he rolled us...bang...pop...ooourpf--dog...I guess that's where it got it's name.

I'm hoping this will help them to get their driving skills up to speed.

You can get these yerf dog go carts at Sam's Club for about $1k. Pricey, but a lot of cart for the $$. PS: Remember to require helmets!!! It'll save a lot of headaches.

Alias    Posted 04-24-2004 at 21:23:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
Sharon, all my kids learned to drive very early. Like 9 or 10 years. I gave each of them a mini bike or motorcycle when they were very small. I didn't want them to be afraid of things. I think it paid off. Because, they have been pretty near accident free for many years. Our youngest is 34.
So, take the boy out into a field or an abandoned parking lot and let him have at it. It'll boost his confidence level about twenty fold....gfp

Wanna Bet Fern(Mi)    Posted 04-25-2004 at 04:55:19       [Reply]  [No Email]
Number One son wanted to try driving. We were in the suburban in a corn field. Traded places. We're Okay. He moved it out nicely. I was impressed. He's Okay. Approaching road, I suggest slowing down, I suggest slowing down, nearer the road I suggest again slowing down, at the road I suggest stopping. Wrong, the truck lurching ahead, all the wheels and axels taking their respective turns through the first ditch, the whole vehical accelerated into space we were airborn over some of the road and all of the roadway's other ditch. Then he puts on the brakes.
At long last stopped, wrong side of road, sitting as we should for what ever lucky reason why. I reach over and turned off the ingnition. Forty acres wasn't quite enough that day. He never asked again. A few weeks later I suggested we try again my wearing my old hard hat. He had it together better by that time.
I wonder how many imes he relived that first drive in his dreams, what he should have done better? Even searching for my seventies I remember having such dreams. Insignificant now as the weren't back then. LOL.

ron,ar    Posted 04-24-2004 at 19:19:01       [Reply]  [No Email]
You shouldn't have to teach a 15 year old how to drive! At that they already know everything, didn't you know that?

cowgirlj    Posted 04-24-2004 at 18:53:36       [Reply]  [Send Email]
You are a brave lady!

RayP(MI)    Posted 04-24-2004 at 18:52:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
After thirty years teaching driver education, I can sure understand the situation! Put him on the lawn tractor until he's got a grasp of how to steer, etc before you let him drive your car. Then put him in an open pasture for a few more hours. Do not go near a public road.

jeanette    Posted 04-25-2004 at 07:50:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
it is all about confidence isn't it, if they think they can do it then the probally can, of coarse they can be over confident too. my 11 yr has wanted a golf cart ever since she ran in to a tree with the neighbor boys when she was 8.

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