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Country Discussion Topics
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How True!
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Karter    Posted 04-25-2004 at 08:54:18       [Reply]  [No Email]
I received this letter via e-mail from a regular contributor to the Opinion Page. The obvious politics aside, I found this forwarded message interesting:

Dear Presidential candidates:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. I lost my job this past year.

When Clinton was president, I worked in a prosperous enterprise. But in the last year, we had to close our operations.

Far worse, I lost two of my sons in Bush's evil war in Iraq. They gave their lives for their country, and for what? My pain of losing my sons is indescribable.

While it is trivial next to the loss of my sons, I regret to say that I also lost my homes. I simply have nothing left.

I am a senior citizen with various medical problems. I'm not in a position to begin a new career. I was reduced to the point of homelessness ... all because of President Bush.

And when the authorities found me, did they have any compassion for my misfortune and ailments?

No. I was arrested.

If I had any money left, I would donate most of it to the Democratic party. If Al Gore had been elected in 2000, I guarantee you, I would still have a job, a home and, most importantly, my sons.


Saddam Hussein

donna in w.v    Posted 04-25-2004 at 12:08:11       [Reply]  [Send Email]
i owe you an apology I got have way through the latter and thought "this guys a moron" but as i finished and saw the signature I said 'oops' so i apologize for jumping to conclusions.

Burrhead    Posted 04-25-2004 at 12:07:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hello Karter.

I'm not scolding at ye but we have a near zero tolerance about nekked pix like the Japanese link was sposed to be and also no politics policy around here.

Like our friend Salmoneye said in the other thread we try to keep it so the Granmaws and Granbabies can both feel comfortable with what we're talking about.

Outside of that just git Kelly to pass ye a beer or homebrew and we'll watch Clipper's mule get drunk.

Kim (our gracious hostess) did provide a forum for rants and chants tho so here's the link.

KellyGa    Posted 04-25-2004 at 17:56:51       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh Burr...whatcha done did now??? You shouldn't send Karter over there! He has seniority here, so don't go shuffling him off. ;) Karter, a while back, when everybody had cabin fever, everybody got their dander up talking about polytics, course I bowed out, never said nothing, cause I am a lover not a fighter, lol, anyway, Clipper had to go and open his Saloon, and we whooped it up one night, and as you might have surmised, I am in charge of the waitresses, and getting your watering hole watered, LMAO! What'll ya have my good man? :)

LMAO!!!    Posted 04-25-2004 at 16:59:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh yeah Burr....send em all over there to rile up them poor Talerban's....ROFL!!!

Yer a genius mah man :^)

Clipper :^)

McBurr    Posted 04-25-2004 at 19:29:21       [Reply]  [No Email]
us keep it a secret. 8^)

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