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Country Discussion Topics
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Ruben done it...
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Clipper    Posted 04-30-2004 at 20:00:24       [Reply]  [No Email]
Went and got hisself all blocked up chomping down all them Slim Jims and pickled eggs. I give him a good dose of 35 pounds of Ex-Lax and led him out to the parking lot. He's lolling around waiting fer everything to sort of get inta place.That damn fool County Sheriff comes zipping inta the parking lot and give Ruben a good toot with his "pull over" siren. Old Ruben did not take kindly to this! While the Sheriff was in da Saloon quenching his thirst Ruben backed hisself up to the driver's window and made a healthy deposit of liquid road apples right inta that squad car.....Bail has been set for $100 plus clean-up costs of the Sheriff's car. Anybody got the home phone number fer the County Judge?

BW    Posted 05-01-2004 at 01:58:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
We use to have a big operation that would truck liquid cow do out to their fields that they owned/rented , had a High School teacher that took offence at the noise / smell and what all of them going past his house .... well after taking his case to the town selectmen and getting no where and having no better luck with the law . One day he could not take it any more and as a truck load rode by he got in his car and gave chase , caught up to the truck passed said truck and gave the driver a break job by locking all four up to a stop on a posted 40 mile per hour road ..... truck stopped 4" from his rear bumper , load did not stop ..... that is until it hit the windshield of his open converable ...filled that car level with the top of the doors with him still in it .... we all still laugh at that and this happened years ago ... he moved out of the town and the school system for parts unkown ...
Bill g.

deadcarp    Posted 04-30-2004 at 23:59:25       [Reply]  [No Email]
heh heh - reminds me of what happened to a bigshot in a fancy red convertible sports car years ago. (true story) ------ i was following a cattle truck up a freeway ramp, and the convertible was behind me. The ramp was double-laned and i guess he was in a rush (aren't they always?) so he grabbed a lower gear, awung into the left lane and punched it. He darted past me without incident, but he got alongside the load just as it was getting into the corner. Suddenly whoosh - a couple of wheelbarrows of sloppy manure sloshed right into the car & onto his designer suit and his car went sliding out across the apron sideways! Last i saw, the driver was still sitting, indignantly wiping himself down with both brown hands. The trucker & i were still laughing when i waved my thumb to him a half-mile later. More fun than the 3 stooges - what a rewarding afternoon! :)

Smitty    Posted 04-30-2004 at 20:32:52       [Reply]  [No Email]
Water for my horses and whiskey for my men.
We'll talk later.
LOL Smitty

toolman    Posted 04-30-2004 at 20:02:56       [Reply]  [No Email]
me an grover would help out but bob ont. controls all the canadian money now so ya gotta talk to him.

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