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Talk about saving injured steer
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-01-2004 at 03:56:09       [Reply]  [No Email]
Looks or sounds like home butchering job.
The way the laws are changing so quickly, slaughter houses, even community, are only taking live walking in kill animals. With exception of deer hunting season. And, other involvements.
So, before you pull that trigger be ready to hang the critter up for bleeding out. A loader tractor, chain fall, truck or tractor rope and pulley with lifting chains.
Shot between the eyes or in the ear. Get to pulling up by hind feet. The animal in the air, cut its throat. Bleed him out completely. While the body is warm, I like skinning right away. Hope your knives are handy. Have help and be quick about it. Is no time for coffee or chit-chat that goes with it. You have got to gut the critter.
With a clean body gutting cleaner also, with out getting hair and dirt allover the meat, inside and out. Open cavity carefully without nicking or cutting intestines or stomach, all the organs for that matter. The lower parts should remove easily. Youíll have to reach in for heart and lungs. Again ana again, donít carelessly slip with a knife. Most any organ fluids spilled will taint your eating.
The animal skinned and dressed? What next? Unless you know a way to sneak him into a cooler, youíll have to be resourful for a few days. Cover him with cheese cloth if you have it, or any open material to keep insects (flies) off and out. Pepper helps. Keep carcus in the shade, hang a canvas tarp over a night fence. And take a well deserved coffee break. By this time youíve earned it. Burying the head, skin and organs may wait a few more minutes now.
First thing next morning at sunrise retrieve the fenced canvas. Bring it in and tightly wrap around the whole carcass. Over this layer on three/four blankets for insulation to hold the last nightís cold. At sundown remove the coverings again placing the se components over the fence. And repeat the process for a couple three days until you butcher.
This isnít hard to do. Have done it a number of times domestic and game animals. Last time the weather was cold enough I skipped the tarp and blankets. One time my kill wore my bedroll days while I slept in it nights, my tent to the carcass flesh days.
Might say, I was a little gamy by the time I got home.
Good Luck

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