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Using Garlic for Dog Wormer...........
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Rhonda S.    Posted 05-05-2004 at 14:07:04       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi everyone. Does anyone know how much garlic you should use to worm your dog? (how many cloves or whatever) I heard it works really well but I don't know how much to use. I love coming to this site. It's so interesting and everyone is so helpful. Thanks.

tiffany    Posted 08-15-2009 at 18:52:21       [Reply]  [Send Email]
ACTUALLY.. Garlic can and is used for a natural de-worming agent for MANY animals. Internal paracites live in the animals AND humans because the ENVIRONMENT is right for survival. When you IMPROPERLY deworm an animal, either by inaccurate dosing or by using the wrong wormer, you create a "SUPER WORM". Super worms are the reason that so many sheep and goat ranchers have issues. Because its easier to worm the HERD/FLOCK vs. taking a fecal the the vet several times a year from EACH animal.
Super worms become stronger, and in turn creat a new generation of SUPER worm. This is what we are dealing with currently with the barberpole worm.
Using Garlic, preferably JUICE, or fresh cloves, creates an UNFRIENDLY environment INTERNALLY for the paracites. Thus causing them to die due to their environment. They do not (at this point and time) develope any immunity to the garlic.
Garlic has been used for hundreds of years as a dewroming agent, dating all the way back to ancient Rome as well as Egyptian times.
Personally, I use fresh garlic juice that I produce from garlic grown on my land. it is strong and free of any and all chemicals. 2 oz of liquid is mixed with apx 1/4 tsp cayenne and administered with a syringe. That is the dose for a full size sheep. half that dose for a lamb half grown. I do NOT believe it can be used for heart worm, HOWEVER, garlic in its raw or freshly pulverized form contains large amounts of allicin. Allicin is what is reponsible for making garlic GOOD for you.
There are many people out there that say that this will not work, skeptics as I once was. I used to work as a vet tech and went into human medicin, garlic is used alot for many applications. one example, for sirosis, or other skin ailments/infections. I can tell you first hand again, using the juice on a qtip over the areas, WILL clear it up. I used for 2 days and my moderate case is drying up quickly. I have not used it in several days, and have had no worsning, I will apply again beginning of the week for another 2 days. Garlic is known for its antifungal properties as well. Im gonna try on athletes foot next LOL. Just thought you should all know.. garlic is NOT a HOKEY folk remedy that has nothing to back it. Search the net folks, the informaion and SCIENTIFIC proof is in the pudding...good luck

Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-05-2004 at 18:19:58       [Reply]  [No Email]
Garlic is used for an anti-flea remedy.
Worming requires heavier medication. A stool sample to vet and a prescription to fix worms.
One last Heart Worm remedy, for what it is worth, and I have seen it work more than once. Frieda brought home walking dead collie some years ago, her volunteering at out local animal shelter. Vet gave the animal three months to live tops.
A year later the Vet was dismayed. No special medication of any kind. Frieda fed the poor female table scraps (fruits and vegetables) heavily laced with gravy. Seems the vitamins and minerals in the produce keeps these little parasites at bay. As humans, eating balanced diets we donít have the heart worms dogs do.
Like I wrote, for what it is worth, I hope I have been able to give some folks some food for thought!

Alias    Posted 05-05-2004 at 16:05:14       [Reply]  [No Email]
Wish I could help but I've never heard of garlic being used in that application. Sorry.......gfp

bo    Posted 05-05-2004 at 15:31:39       [Reply]  [No Email]
Can't be done. You don't know if he has tape, ascerid, hook, whip or whatever. Each takes a different medication and the whip require an injection. Don't buy into that homebrew magic or you'll just hurt your animal. Take in a stool sample and find out which and then use the right stuff.

DD    Posted 05-05-2004 at 14:23:30       [Reply]  [No Email]
Never heard of Garlic being used to worm dogs before but when sprinkled on their food it sure will keep the fleas off of em : )

TB    Posted 05-05-2004 at 14:29:44       [Reply]  [No Email]
I never herd of garlic to worm dogs. But a chay of chewing tobaco will chase the worms out. Charcoal will also work.

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