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Just thought
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-05-2004 at 17:25:51       [Reply]  [No Email]

some folks would like to see this.
Here I can be seen trying to get Ruben to tell me what’s up Clipper’s sleeve for his MIL’s amusement. Dee can be seen walking away muttering something about, “I don’t want to know!”
In the foreground the colt Dusty is hurrying in so’s he won’t miss a word. Note the erect ears. Neither he nor I managed to convince Ruben to let us in on these devilish little secrets. And so, folks I can’t add any off handed information upon the Connecticut Saga of one man’s thoughtfulness for his Mil.

On the duller side of the Ferm Report: The calf I carried to certain safety last night weighed a mere 60lbs. A nice weight, really, for a first time heifer. Mother and son doing well.
Lumpy Jaw, for a second mom, is doing a good job of taking care of the abandoned calf. We’re all pleased with her open hearted effort. An operation upon her parasite infested jaw last fall may well have been a contributing factor for the lose of her twins a week or so ago.
Two partial days efforts has found some rusted out busted up old fence wire taken out. New fence posts are set and wire stretched from end to end on them. Still got to tie-up the in-betweens tomorrow before some deer runs my middle down. Couldn’t finish. Had to take two time-outs: one (important) to paint some Ollie parts, second ground’s were dry enough to throw a few calves for tattoos and numbers plus other vitals. Last four calves born bulls.
Barnyard drying up nicely. Another day or so, I may even get the Cushman to skim across the dehydrated mud seas beds.
I know I did some other things today, but I’ll be framed and hung if I could remember. The only thing I can remember is this memory condition has to be that disease Tool….. Toolm……Toolma….. Uh.., what’s his name from Canada has been talking.

Clink finally came home. Supper wasn’t to bad, for quick. I guess I’ll keep her. Well, now, I might better wait and checkout breakfast offering. Need to get out and mow lawn. At least that part of it that ain’t got something sitting upon it. Those places I’ll get next time or later.
But for right now, I hope it becomes dark before my ambition returns.
That’s it!!!

PS. Now I remembers a couple more things. Today was Herr Clink's day to harass all the old folks at the local Senior Center. Taking all most all what was left of our money, leaving me to fend for myself, she went her way. Lunch time short on funds to buy my lunch, going with the guys, I wound-up panhandling for about a half hour. All I managed to collect was a quarter; and, Ruben passing gave me that. Only that. Still didn’t get nothing else out of him.

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