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Country Discussion Topics
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Read the good morning and goats
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dale anne    Posted 05-12-2004 at 06:36:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
need y'all advice.....and know thats theirs enuff ole goats on this site to know a lil sumptin...or perhaps i should ask the woman folk.......{hugs fer y'all} dale anne

Grove r    Posted 05-12-2004 at 06:50:34       [Reply]  [No Email]
I resemble that remark!!! and I'm not predjudic, [can't even spell it], about goats... I hates em all equaly...why?? ya ask??? because my dad had goats when I was 'bout five years old, an' all them butt buttin' critters could do was butt my butt....least wise thats what the billy used ta do....still got a nervous twitch a lookin' over ma shoulder.....near made a house recluse outa me....he did...still checkin' the yard real close before I goes out.....

O.O.A.    Posted 05-12-2004 at 08:08:32       [Reply]  [No Email]
I understand buck sheep can be agressive too. My grandfather always liked to tell about the time when his kids came in the back door ,with the old buck in hot pursuit.When the kids cleared the front door,his MIL stepped away from her rocker on the porch to yell at kids, she went airbone.I can still hear him laughing .

dale anne    Posted 05-12-2004 at 17:35:54       [Reply]  [No Email]
my older buck gets out my way...never has bothered's the spring buck lilole thing that seems to be aggressive...but then again i didnt bottle feed him...but he was sold and being picked up this week gonna be BBQ fer some family....dale anne

dale anne    Posted 05-12-2004 at 07:23:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
to funny grove....i have 1 buck..but he is harmless now my 1 doe is a brute i just push her away when she acts up.....mine all but the buck were bottle fed from 2 hours old are pretty tame...i have a lil spring buck that tries to kill me every time i enter the pen...hes to small to hurt me fer now it's kinda him sold off gonna be picked up this week...hes gonna be BBQ.....ya gonna tell me ya was scarred fer life by goats?....lil itty bitty goats?...lmao....pick ya up a stick...and come on over....i'll show ya how to deal with um!...dale anne

deadcarp    Posted 05-12-2004 at 07:39:08       [Reply]  [No Email]
We had a pygmy goat long enough to shred the place, and she liked to reach up for a pet. Well those little pointy front hooves are sharp! Got so where i'd clamp my knees together and turn sideways every time i saw her. Her favorite game was yelling "Ma!" at the screen door & tattling on the dog. "See, he dug right under there and now he's gone again!" much like a sister. :)

dale anne    Posted 05-12-2004 at 07:48:40       [Reply]  [No Email]
heheh my goats yell MA! also when they see daddy's pick um up truck coming down the driveway...they know it's feeding time...i dont have a problem of them tearing things up....they have ramps and things to play with...i also have a 6 foot chain link fence they stay in...the holding pen is bout 3 feet high and between the 6 foot fence and the horse they cant go far and dont seem to interested in leaving...oncein a while cj will get hold of a chicken egg and roll it around till she decides to lay on it then she gets the dreaded hose takin to her lol....i love goats....they are smart critters...pull up in my 4 runner not a peep....see that pick up....MAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!...dale anne

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