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Country Discussion Topics
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It had to happen
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deadcarp    Posted 05-12-2004 at 20:56:07       [Reply]  [No Email]
We were just talking about hitting deer the other day, i recalled how aunt evelyn was nearly 80, going slow and killed one. It was a lesson cuz she'd always thought you had to be careless to get one. Suzn kinda feels (felt) that way too.

Well Suzn hit one with the van tonite. Dented the front fender, shoved it back and took out a corner lite. She's such an animal lover, was going slow and they'd counted 8 on the other side when all of a sudden bang, it ran right into the fender - they never even saw it except the corpse. You drive where they are when they feed, i guess the odds have to balance eventually.

Pitch    Posted 05-13-2004 at 02:45:15       [Reply]  [No Email]
Around these parts hitting deer is an inevitable. I have hit 4 in the last 15 years although to be fair one of them hit me ran out and and slammed the right rear quarter panel. Too few hunters to much posted land really cut down on the harvest. The state is considering allowing farmers with nusiance permits to open their land to other hunters in hopes of thinning the herd. Of course the bill is stalled because of urban legislators that have seen "Bambi" to many times.
Kelly none of my business but don't you think that Shelby should be exposed a bit more to the origin of her food? My daughters were part of the deer processing scene from birth. My oldest when she was just starting to talk was watching BAmbis mother getting shot and her only comment was "Well she's meat now". Like I say none of my business but her hamburger wasn't grown on styrofoam in a refridgerated case.

KellyGa    Posted 05-13-2004 at 03:55:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
LOL! OH pitch, she LOVES meat, and she knows fully where it comes from, no worry there. We joke about the chickens, because she LOVES chicken. She will tell everybody she eats chicken, just not HER chickens, that that is different, lol. She has always loved meat. When we go out to eat, baby back ribs are what she is in search for, and she knows they came from a pig. SHe knows those great steaks I eat at restuarants are from cows.

Her take on it is this. As long as we don't have to kill our own animals to eat, I think she doesn't have a problem chowing down on other meat. :) Which, I personally won't be killing any, since it's just cheapr to go to the store these days. Like I have said befor, if I HAD to, I would, but I don't so I won't.

LH    Posted 05-12-2004 at 23:39:27       [Reply]  [No Email]
I hit and killed 3 and never was even going near the speed limit when any of em happened (I tend to drive slow) Most damage I ever had to any of my old trucks was a busted headlight and a little hair from the deer left behind on the grill or bumper

KellyGa    Posted 05-12-2004 at 21:09:23       [Reply]  [No Email]
I have seen two killed and lying on the side of the same road to Shelbys school in one week. Shelby said if people would stop tearing down all the trees around here they wouldn't be out in the middle of the road so much. :( She is so smart, why can't developers and builders see what a 9 year old can see? Because they are blinded with the almighty dollar.

I do know how they can run right out in front of you though, had it happen to me, didnt hit the deer, but he was just standing there in the road, didnt even move until I practically nudged him with the car. I hope she wasn't too shook up. I know it can be really unnerving.

New-Gen    Posted 05-13-2004 at 03:43:36       [Reply]  [No Email]
I'm not trying to start an argument Kelly, but around here there some heavily wooded undisturbed areas, and they still run out in the road.They're just travelers I guess. They are really overpopulated here, to the point that they can be a nuisance, causing problems on the road, as well as crop damage. But that being said, I have to admit they are beautiful animals to watch. Just wish we could teach em some manners!

KellyGa    Posted 05-13-2004 at 03:49:57       [Reply]  [No Email]
Oh I won't argue that some places they are abundant. When the county was a lot more undisturbed, there was more around, thus, more accidents as people came around. They aren't the smartest of animals in getting out of the way of oncoming headlights ;)

New-Gen    Posted 05-13-2004 at 04:03:04       [Reply]  [No Email]
That reminds me of an old Farside cartoon. The deer couple were entertaining another deere couple, and the husband had a set of lights rigged up and was aiming them at the guests. The host deer wife was saying "I think the Wilsons have seen enough of your car headlight simulator for one night"
It wasw Gary Larson at his best!!
Mihjt have lost somethingin the telling, I used to have it, if I run across it I'll try to post it.

mud    Posted 05-13-2004 at 05:10:45       [Reply]  [No Email]
hahahaha- man, larson is a funny nut.

i like the one that shows a target on a bear. the other bear says somethung like:

"bummer of a birthmark, harvey."



New-Gen    Posted 05-13-2004 at 05:19:00       [Reply]  [No Email]
I remember that one too. Did you ever see the one where the dog wrote a note to his master saying "master: me an rex tuk the kar an wentu town-stay home--stay!!" He had some of th eletters backwards but I cant do that on this keyboard!
That guy has a real twisted sense of humor! I love it!

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