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Country Discussion Topics
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What a Day
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Fern(Mi)    Posted 05-15-2004 at 17:51:39       [Reply]  [No Email]

Full of nice surprises starting this morning.
I like to see a day start with the domestic critters cooperation. Going out the back door, two bottles in hand it was a chilly trek down to the barn. A might to cold for my blood’s comfort level as I quickly retreated back up to my home’s comfort with my barnyard tux having withdrawn it from the truck. Given the tux time to warm up by yet another wood fire laid in the heating stove. And, another cup of coffee sure smelled good as compared to the hollow scents of Spring withdrawn.
By and by I make it through the barn; feeding the cats, grabbing a pail of grain for Bullet and cow #324. The pail’s contents deposited in a feeder the grass under Bullet and 324’s feet had no chance surviving their sweet toothed appetites. The momma and the papa taken care of, my personal bottle back in the truck, at second bottle in hand I am about to help momma nourish her offspring.
It was somewhere around here the calf sees me coming and looking spry jumps out ahead of my from a laying position. My wind shortening more with each day’s passing I was in no mood for a chase, yet I had one going under foot. Half way about this yard I managed to out sprint the calf pinning his skinny behind against the hay feeder ring. One knee into his ribs exerting enough presser to gain his attention I show him the bottle. A couple of gulps and the whole bottle idea suddenly becomes his own. And he’s looking at me, “What are you huffing for?” written in his eyes and sucking enthusiasm for the nipple in his mouth.
Finishing down at the barn placing a couple buckets in the truck for grain refills, I head up the drive. And, I see a strange vehicle heading my way. Stopping midway to the barn from the house the driver’s door opens and a great big guy has started to take his vehicle off. I could sympathize. A many a car or compact truck has been like putting on another pair of undersized pants. Have often wondered when is somebody going to make these things for real adults.
Could not but like the looks of the big man climbing out of his SUV. He was his mother’s and mine number two son with wife and three handsome sons. Had to have been my acceptably good genes! Good looking lads, everyone of them. Not that I would be predigest. A nicer event could not have been more welcome.
In spite of a number of things needing doing. We managed to visit, reflect old days, and dream some of new ones. Yet managed to move two herds into this season’s new pasture. Checked fence removing some windfalls from last night’s storm. We weighted the wrong way-ed calf. My youngest daughter joining us I took everybody out for lunch, my taking all of us over to our rendition of a country crossroad’s cafe. Mathew (Matt preferred) seated next to me, I worked his memory for all it was worth. For a five year old, and already enrolled for all day school come this Fall, he had all the right answers. Tried sticking him on Mother’s day gifts just passed. But he satisfied me with all the details, reporting his dad’s efforts to make his mom happy satisfactory. Yup, these boys and their dad were doing alright. Trying to find out what was in store for dad, Mathew told me, “It’s a secret.” Oh Boy! These lads were a whole lot sharper than their grandfather was at their ages. And they all made/make me proud.
About mid afternoon my day turned dismal. Oh sure, I had plenty to keep me occupied. But it was not the same without offspring and grandchildren to watch and listen too. Even the evening’s feeding a now waiting calf eager to put away that funny bottle didn’t thrill me.
Best part, Clink will be talking about this surprise visit for all of next week.

PS. I might have been in the pic, but for my sweet Fillis backing into last week to take a couple pics I can't even find with a mag-glass. He he he.

KellyGa    Posted 05-16-2004 at 03:42:43       [Reply]  [No Email]
Nice looking buncha folks Fern! Its always nice to get a good weekend visit in, isn't it? Hope you are feeling better, keep thinking positive thoughts. I know you will, you are a very upbeat positive person. :)

DD    Posted 05-15-2004 at 19:17:47       [Reply]  [No Email]
Awww, what a nice surprise for you and Freida today : ) Thanks for sharing it with us Fern

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