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Just something to read if you'd like : )
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DD    Posted 05-16-2004 at 09:01:20       [Reply]  [No Email]

An original MountainWings ran yesterday called,
"One Sentence"

Many didn't or couldn't relate to it.

I don't know this from negative comments, there were none.

I just know.

"One Sentence" was about a girl with a pop star as an idol and
the star made a one-sentence statement that changed her life for
the better.

MountainWings reaches a very diverse audience.
The youngest reader that I know of is 11.
The oldest is in the 90's.

As we age, we think how ridiculous it is to have idols.
I'm not talking about the false god type, but the human type;
those individuals whom we admire and look up to.

I often have to catch myself and MAKE myself remember my youth.

Not too long ago, I was shaking my head in disgust at a car
behind me.

The music from that car hurt my ears.

I had my windows rolled up.

The car was TWO cars behind me.

"How could young people listen to music SO LOUD?" I thought.

Then I remembered yesterday.

Not literally yesterday but more accurately yesteryear.

I pondered a time when I was a teenager.

I had a gold Mach One Mustang.
I had an 8-track tape player in the Mach One.
I had installed speakers in the Mach One and a power booster.
I had custom built speakers in my college dorm room.

My dorm room speakers were covered in white fur.

The volume in the Mach One was limited however.
It was limited by the fact that it wouldn't go any louder.

I had to build my own speakers because no reasonably priced
speakers would handle the power of my amplifier in the dorm.
The white fur was a personal touch.

... and I was considered "laid back."

That means rather conservative.

As I thought back on my years, I had to slow my head shaking at
the car with literally "earthquake" sound.

I wasn't so different when I was young.
I was just limited by technology.

I couldn't get it any louder.

There was a time when we each had a pop, rock, R&B or athletic
star that was the focus of our attention too.

Call it the jitterbug, the twist or the electric slide, our
parents didn't like it or understand it.

It was music only the youth could hear and understand.

Before we judge the youth so harshly,
think back to yesteryear...

and remember the beat of the music that you used to move to.

~A MountainWings Original~

From The Mountain:
It is interesting that her heroine was Janet Jackson.
"One Sentence" and "Yesteryear" were written two years BEFORE
the infamous Super Bowl breast. Heroes and heroines error.
That's why no one can have full security in human flesh.
But true heroes and heroines do a lot of good and positively
influence a lot of people, or maybe just one person.

We are all mixtures of dust and divinity, hero and villain.

"They Called Me A Hero"
"You Want Heroes"
"One Sentence"

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