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Country Discussion Topics
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Rabbit questions
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Kristys Red Barn    Posted 05-20-2004 at 07:00:12       [Reply]  [Send Email]
When I went out to feed Daisy this morning I noticed that one of her ears is falling over while the other one stands up, what could be causing this and is it a problem? Also she seems to be getting some kind of yuck brownish film in the inside corners of her eyes and I wondered if I need to worry about this. Sorry I'm a new rabbit owner and not real sure about these creatures and how to take care of them. She is about 7 weeks old and just a mix of somekind. Thanks.

dale anne    Posted 05-20-2004 at 07:32:59       [Reply]  [No Email]
sure sounds like infection to me...look in her ears see iffin she has a mite infection....I have had this condition in my hutches before do to bringing in a new bunnie....iffin you do see brown/black dirt in ears take ya some peroxide and pour slowly into ear....near head rub in small circles till ya see lil air bubbles...the bunnie will shake head to expel liquids and dirt and liquid will go flying....contuniue to do this a few times a day till you get all the dirt cleaned out....after cleaning you may see redness and inflamation....if this is the case ya need antibiotics....i heard some people using oil to clean ears...i didnt do this. I just used peroxide till cleared up all the bunnie and it seemed to work few of my bunnies had also stopped eating fer a lil while...but made sure they was drinking water and all but the new one pulled through....but her infection was so bad she started bleeding in her ears....good luck hope this helps a little...dale anne

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