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Country Discussion Topics
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Hi Ron,ar-Brewing
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Old John    Posted 05-22-2004 at 16:51:15       [Reply]  [Send Email]
Hi Ron, & All
G'Morning, 6:41am in Spencer IN.,22/5/04

Oops, I guess it’s “Good Evening”, now, at least here in Spencer, IN
Hey, It looks like we’re back………..Good, Great. I missed reading the posts from everyone.

I've been trying to post this for two days, about 6 or 7 trys. Starting 16:25,20/5/04
No luck! Here goes again.
Actually, I'm a very lazy Brewer. I've made a "bit" of beer & wines, in my time. I have never done an all-grain brew. Hey, I'm so lazy, I don't even reconstitute my dry yeast, or make a "starter" for wet yeasts. I just dump them in on top of the wort. And, I've never really had a failure. Plus, if it does, all you have to do is drop in another pack of yeast. EASY............

There for a few years, when we were doing a lot of socializing, I made 85 gallons of beer and 40 to 50 gallons of Mead each year, for 3 years running.
We sorta have a limit on drinking around here. If we have Friends over for dinner we limit drinks to 3 beers. I do not want to be responsible for an accident on the highway. I have, in the past had Folks stay over, on New years Eve, rather than drive home.

I have, over the years, used all kinds of Malt, dry & canned, hopped & plain. Hey, they all make good beer. I guess my favorite, is: a can of I.P.A. hopped Malt, with a Pound of Crystal and a half pound of Chocolate Malt, crushed & put in the Cold water. Bring it to boil & take out the grain. with the Malt, add 2 or 3 pounds of good Honey, and an ounce of Tettnanger Hops for bittering and a half ounce of Saaz Hops for aroma, or vice versa It makes a great drinkable beer with a good mouth-feel. We use to call it “John's Common Swill”, 'cause I made so much of it. It's cheap too, & wholesome.

I haven't made wine lately. I do make lots of Mead, though. It's just Honey, water & Yeast. Most Folks add a touch of this or that to give it character, though.
All my Mead is made Sack, i.e. Sweet & heavy. My other favorite thing is Brackett, or Braggott, which is Mead, brewed with 2 or 3 pounds of Malt, brewed with it. That gives it a whole different Character.
My wife like the "Brewing smell", 'cause brewing makes me happy. It's FUN. Makes you feel good to proudly serve it to your Friends also.
She likes most of my Brews, especially the Mead.
She doesn't really care much for Stout, though. I think Stout is mostly a guy-thing. She likes my lighter beers.
Home-Brews are a lot more wholesome than brews from the store too.
I like cooking a good, stick-to-your-ribs dinner, beans & ham & scratch cornbread, beef stew & biscuits, chili & scratch cornbread, or even Brats, sauerkraut, & potatoes, cooked up together, for a bunch of Friends. Then, serving it with a choice of one of my choice Brews. A couple of these heavy, dark beers are all anyone needs.
The only thing that would add to it, would be a good pipe full of a nice aromatic tobacco. A pulmonary specialist said I had to give that up. So, I made a promise.
Seems like Down-Home Country to me
Like the guy said........"Deja Brew!"
'Til Later.....
Old John

Ron,ar    Posted 05-22-2004 at 20:22:02       [Reply]  [No Email]
Hello John, this is the first time today I have looked here, it is 10 pm on Saturday. I had almost given up on it coming back on line.
You mentioned dark brews, I made an American Brown ale that we all called midnight mystery because tho it started as a Brown Ale I just put in a lot of leftover stuff to use it up. It already had dark crystal an I added some choclate malt with it. It was strong, we did in time drink it up. I never drink a lot at a time, but will drink several wheats in an evening, thats my favorite. I even made a brew out of carnation choclate malt mix, just made a gallon, the choclate mostly settled out. I did add some hops and Muntons gold yeast and about half a pound of dried extract so I guess it really was not made from carnations malt entirely tho the can does say barley malt extract.
It is a lot of fun and I introduced several other to the craft/hobby to the dismay of their wives. Do you bottle yours or use a keg of some kind? Cleaning bottles is getting to be a pain. Happy brewing and thanks for the reply.

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